Big One, Lil' One Damier

  1. Finally Got My Damier Speedy 30 & Keepall 50 :biggrin: Pics for Comparison for anyone interested. Speedy for me and Keepall for DH (Most Likely I'll be Using it More):love: The Keepall Lining would've look Great in the Same Red as the Speedy but its Brown. Still Looks Great.
    CIMG1643.JPG CIMG1645.JPG
  2. I have never seen the keepall in a real pic before. Looks really nice! Is it pretty roomy
  3. Wow! That keepall is gorgeous! :love: It's like big brother, little sister on the couch...very cute! :flowers:
  4. Congrats Boku! They Speedy and the Keepall looks fabulous!
  5. Congrats !!! Gorgeous !
  6. totally beautiful! thanks for sharing, Boku
  7. Very cute, I love your damier family ! ;)
  8. congrat's
  9. Both are absoultely STUNNING!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!
  10. Nice set you've got there! Congrats!
  11. Wow :love:
  12. Congratulations...that keepall looks great!!!!
  13. Beautiful! thanks for the pics!!
  14. love love love the keepall!!
  15. Congrats.