Big o' booty bruise - help!

  1. Hey all, I landed a nice huge bruise on my right bum cheek after getting pummeled with a good hard slapshot from a hockey teammate of mine. ouch! Thankfully it doesn't hurt anymore and I can sleep, walk, exercise and skate just fine.

    But this bruise is huge, colorful and small potato sized :wtf: . Any vitamins, creams, massage (?!) that can speed up the healing process?

    [thankfully I will not be posting any pix - rest assured! :roflmfao: ]
  2. Arnica might help. You can usually get it at health food stores, but carries it. Good stuff. :yes:
  3. ^^ awesome, thanks Prada! I'll check it out.
  4. I'm an Arnica fan too... works wonders for muscle/joint pain etc
  5. Sounds like you need to see a doc - could be a haematoma.
  6. I swear by arnica as well.....give it a try!!
  7. my mom always but witch hazel on bruises when i was a kid. helps take some of the soreness out i guess. couldn't hurt to try in addition to the arnica.
  8. I just saw this and I am LMAO. How many times has that happened to one of us!! I love hockey..
  9. Seriously, Irish! Guess it's a sacrifice for the world's greatest sport. ;)

    OK all, I confess I had not yet a chance to try all your suggestions, so the bruise was actually more ugly than painful. It's actually healing up nicely on its own. Again, I'll spare you pix but it's now gone from the purples and reds to a very faint, pale yellow. :yahoo: OMG I can't believe I'm writing this but anyway it's getting better!