BIG NEWS!!!!! Tommy is staying!

  1. Happy birthday Cindi - and Happy V-Day, beautiful Tommy!
  2. :love:
    Happy Birthday and have a great day with one of the best hubbys ever and all the cuty kitteeeeeeehhhhhsssss!
  3. I do believe it might be time for a Tommy photo update.:smile: Please?
  4. You are probably right. :p Here is a quick one and I will try to post more this weekend. Wren is my alpha and as you can see Tommy has him wrapped around his little paw. This is how I found them when I got home from work. :love:


  5. Seeing Wren, I caught my much like the first Feline Love of my Life, Clyde.
    MOAR, please! :biggrin: Lovely picture....:heart:
  6. Awwwww.....his furs are growing back :kiss:
  7. Happy New Month, Tommy! Please ask your Mama if she will show us MOAR TOMMY!
  8. Tommy is such a little angel. I am so happy Gregg let me keep him. That is not to say he doesn't love his daddy too. He is an equal opportunity love bug. Since Molly was adopted he really enjoys wrestling with Bellis. I call it handicapped cat wrestling. LOL Here he is this morning.
    catwrestle.jpg more tomy.jpg
  9. I love Tommy photos.....he is such a happy cat!
  10. Do they have rehab for catnip junkies??? I think Tommy needs an intervention. :p I guess it is hard to hide the proof when you have mostly white fur. LOL
    tommycatnip.jpg tommycatnip2.jpg tommycatnip3.jpg tommycatnip4.jpg tommycatnip5.jpg
  11. Aawww.....he looks just like Phillip, when he's been caught rollin' in teh 'nip!