BIG NEWS: Chloe outlet store coming to Woodburry! June 1st....

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  1. Woodbury Commons outside NYC?? If so, I may NEED to go to NY.:yes: Just kidding - I'm done buying bags for a while??
  2. Will have to schedule a trip to visit the in-laws in NY on or around June 1...:graucho:
  3. That's awesome - my mom lives 20 minutes from the Commons!
  4. arrgh i am going next thursday so unfair :sad:
  5. Maybe its time we all visit your mom!:graucho:
  6. starbuxxx, you may suddenly have lots of friends visit your Mom........:rolleyes:
  7. Will the outlet carry bags specifically made for the outlet the way Coach does, or will these just be overstock items?
  8. I'm not sure if I'm happy about this... I kind of think sometimes when a line starts opening outlet stores, they manufacture lesser goods for those stores and it brings the whole brand down.
  9. LOL - my mother loves shopping buddies!
  10. I agree with LYM...don't you girls find it a little disconcerting that Chloe will now operate with outlet stores?

    I think you expect Coach or Dooney & Bourke at the outlet stores but perhaps that's just my weird perception!! Maybe I should get over it but in pursuit of sales & the almighty dollar I do think it will cheapen the name & make it even more desirable with the masses :sad:
  11. Probably not. I was in the Gucci outlet store in Cabazon and nothing in there was made just for the outlets. It's not like there will be a lot of Chloe outlet stores. Thanks for the update Mona. Good News!
  12. Thanks, Mona! Wonder if they would do charge-sends...because Chanel and Burberry do not...:s...
  13. I doubt they would have a seperate line for the outlets. I think they are opening an outlet store becuase they have a lot of unsold bags. I know that last year when NMLC got all those cheap Edith bags, they had come straight from Chloe and NOT from NM stores. So I guess now Chloe will outlet sell their own bags as opposed to selling them to other last call stores.
  14. I sure hope they do! and it not maybe we can pursuade them to by all of us calling on opening day and askng the very same question.

    You know what, better yet, we all make a trip, introduce ourselves as the Chloe fan club and let them know that we will be calling and asking for stock updates every week. The poor SA's that will be working there won't know what hit them!!!