BIG NEWS!!! Carly is in the building!

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  1. She's here...she's here!!!:yahoo:
    My Carly has arrived - after all of the drama, crying and nauseousness, she's here safe and sound!
    Again, I want to thank everyone who calmed my nerves when my eBay purchase went a little haywire (with me following closely behind!) and now the two Carly's are off to the shops together!:P
  2. You look great with Carly!! I'm so glad it all worked out! Enjoy!
  3. ohhhh beautiful! it looks GREAT on you!
  4. Oh I love her! She just looks perfect on your shoulder. Enjoy her and tell her all your pals at TPF said Hi! :smile:
  5. Congrats! You 2 are stunning together!
  6. Its gorgeous!! It looks great on you!!
  7. beautiful !
  8. Looks great on you.....congrats!!!
  9. GORGEOUS!! I love black signature and I love the Carly, so a black signature Carly = :heart::heart::heart::heart::drool:

    It looks great on you!
  10. nothing but LOVELY!!!
  11. Beautiful!!
  12. Congrats! I think you're the first to post a large I take that back. But you look fabulous!
  13. It looks fantastic on you what a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  14. congrats it looks awesome! :biggrin:
  15. Well we're back from shopping - had to come home, it started to rain lol!
    DH took the photo of me and after he took it he said, "And why am I taking a photo of you with a bag?"
    he just doesn't get it!:shrugs:
    How sad is it when you get in the car and think, "Hmmm, should I put the seatbelt on the Carly? It's starting to rain, I hope the roads aren't too slippery...I'd hate for anything to happen to Carly" and then you realise you're so glad no one can read your thoughts or they'd call the little yellow wagon to come and take you away!:P