Big Mulberry

  1. I am thinking of buying a bag for college and work.I am torn between the Brynmore , Somerset Dispatch and the Elkington briefcase. Has anyone got any good advice or suggestions ?:angel:
  2. I saw a chap with a well loved brynmore and it looked fab. Useful to be able to carry it on the shoulder and messenger style. Have never seen the somerset despatch in the flesh.
    How much stuff do you need to carry? The natural leather bags are quite heavy.
  3. Some small A4 files , and all the other rubbish us girlies feel the need to carry .:yes:
  4. Have alook at the Alfie,its a bit smaller than what you've been looking at but will still carry A4 comfortably,they are in the outlets for £197 quid,not too heavy,but not really light either.
    A guy called Gerald posted one on the Mulberry photo reference sticky at the top,its in natural color,and I've seen this irl at Cheshire Oaks,its lovely!!!

    If you want they're number is 07515 577 598
  5. Thanks thats really helpful , i'll look at those. I live not far from Bicester Village i might just have to pop down on Fri , in the interests of research you understand >:tup:
  6. Hahahaha!! Good girl!!!! xxxxxxxxxx