Big MC bag or Damier Geant...? (kinda long!)

  1. Wow...I have so much thinking going on right now, between Passy/Segur PM, and now the Couguar/Aurelia MM.

    I emailed a TPF member about her Aurelia MM and asked about hers, and she says she loves it but asked, "Isn't it too big for you?" I mean, I know it's a big bag, but I really never thought if it'd be TOO big. Yeah, I certainly DON'T carry a lot of stuff out, and the reason why I wanted a larger bag is because sometimes I want to bring along some books or binders with me to do homework on the train, let's say, and none of my LVs at the moment are large enough to hold stuff like that.

    I also considered using the Aurelia MM as a school bag next year once in awhile when I don't have many things to take with me...but being in lecture theatres, it may mean that I'd have to put my bag on the floor, and although I'd be getting it in black, I'm scared that the MC will rub off over time. And not to mention the vachetta straps and strips down the side of the bag...winter time, I probably will have to use this bag less.

    So, right now, I'm considering NOT getting the Aurelia MM at all, instead, I'll just stick with getting the Couguar. I can get a smaller MC bag later (like the HL on eBay...or maybe even the Eliza in white MC) but I'll use the Couguar as my big bag. I'll get it in the black, so hopefully it won't get damaged that easily and maybe it'll hold the weight better considering the material is supposed to be more durable. Also, it's a more subtle piece of LV for school.

    The prices in Canada are: $925 for the Couguar and $1480 for the Aurelia MM. Getting the Couguar also means I can get it faster because it's easy for me to make $1000 rather than $1500.

    What do you think about my decision? I showed my boyfriend and he likes the Couguar more than the Aurelia MM.

  2. i would stick with the cougar..there's something about the rubbing off of LVs on MC bags that annoy me... have you thought about damier pieces?
  3. I'm a bigger MC fan than Damier Geant... I say go for the Aurelia MM!!! ;)
  4. I think the Cougar is a much better choice because you don't have to fret over the vachetta (I would! ;p) and also, the MCs rub off the same way as does the styles in the Groom, Graffiti and Murakami series.

    Courgar seems like a better buy than the Aurelia MM IMO. :smile: HTH!
  5. I would choose the Aurelia. It is a beauty.
  6. Couguar
  7. I would choose the MC. But that said, both are very different in styles. The MC is more feminine.
  8. I prefer the MC Aurelia. It's such a pretty bag and would look so good on you as you carry it in school or anywhere. I don't think it would be too big for you at all. If this is your first choice, don't settle!!!

    Good luck!!
  9. the Aureila is TOOOOO SMALL! if you're gonna use this model for school, get the GM, TRUST me! :yes:

    However, as much as I love MC, I would still recommend the Cougar or soemthing....."less flashy" for school. So ya.... get the MM as a going out shopping tote, but I seriously don't think it's big enough to carry books/folders. Have you gone to the boutique? go check them out
  10. COugar
  11. I love the aurelia. I have the GM and it is a great tote! It has held up rubbing and no problems with the vachetta. To me damier geant is a bit masculine.
  12. Cougar, I think it's more functional.
  13. John is right. Go for the Aurelia MM. It is soooo you.
  14. Cecilia, I kinda figured it may be a tad too small...but I don't want to go any larger! Anything bigger seems...huge :wtf: Even if I get an LV bag for school, there will still be days when I will use my cheap Reebok backpack, ie when it's pouring outside. Besides for school, I don't know what use I have for the GM sized tote...I wish I had lots of stuff to put into my bags so I could use big bags :sad: