Big LV vs. Little LV (2 worlds!)

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    I was visiting my mom this weekend and decided to downsize from bringing my trevi pm and used my pochette accessory for shopping. I added my eva strap to it and it worked out great! I received so many compliments on "my tiny bag".. they were loving the chain how cute it was etc. It was so funny.. I have never received a compliment once on my trevi... aside from having a few people ask me if it was real, touching it, asking where i bought it, shock that i actually bought it in an LV boutique, asking me the price, etc... and saying things like "oh i don't like LV.. they are usually fake." I just found it night and day. I really don't care about any comments about my bag.. as I bought them for my enjoyment and not theirs.. but it was really staggering.. the sorta overt dislike total strangers feel they need to mention to me simply for carrying the larger LV vs. when I bring out my tiny little bag with dozens of compliments. I never realized LV was such a controversial brand. :lol:

  2. I think envy plays a big part here. Seeing you with a large LV bag just puts some people on the defensive because they can't spend that much on a bag, but when you have a small LV, that doesn't seem as intimidating to them and they see it as something that they could possibly afford. Just my opinion.
  3. Very true!
  4. Agree! The green-eyed monster makes a devil out of a LOT of people, unfortunately
  5. ^^ so true, well said!
  6. Also, I think people are a bit intimidated by a $2000 bag. Likewise, it kind of makes me uncomfortable when people comment on my "higher level" LVs and Chanels.
  7. Cute! Post pics!
  8. Haha. Actually for me, when I first saw the Trevi, I had lovey eyes pop out. It was love at first sight and I didnt know it was a LV at the time. I remember walking up to the lady carrying the bag and asking her about it. I obsessed over the Trevi, then bought her 2 weeks later, and then the obsession began leading to 7 other LVs. Haha!
  9. Hmmm, now that you mention it, I hear more comments (though not always nice) from my bigger mono bags than from my smaller bags and those that come in ebene. I guess they get noticed more because of the size and because the mono print is recognizable everywhere.