big LV, one shoulder strap or handheld

  1. I'm looking for a fairly good-sized LV, with either a single shoulder strap or two carrying handles. Minimum size would be about 12 x 9 or so. I can't deal with double shoulder straps, otherwise I'd have kept the BH I had last summer.:yes:

    I currently have a Damier Speedy (and a Cerises Pochette Accessoires), so I'm not looking for another Speedy right now -- and probably not another Damier handheld bag. Otherwise I'm open-minded. I do have a particular weakness for alcantara lining. Price is a consideration, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. :graucho:

    Looking for suggestions...what would YOU get? Or should I wait for the new stuff to come out in a couple of months? Some bags I've been considering lately are the Bosphore GM, the Ellipse MM, and the Tulum GM, but I'd love to have some more ideas. TIA!
  2. I like the Mono Looping MM. It's a one strap shoulder bag. I used it fairly often.
  3. Hudson GM
  4. I'd give the Tulum GM another try!:yes:

    Also, my sister has the Hudson GM and LOVES IT TO PIECES!! But I think you've mentioned why you wouldn't consider the Hudson GM...Why was it again?
  5. I may very well try the Tulum again! The Hudson GM is...OK. It doesn't make me go "Oooooh", which I kinda think it should, for $1600.:yes:
  6. Hudson GM isn't as big as you need...
  7. Ipanema PM or Ipanema GM
    (I know what you mean about the Aaacanta lining!)
  8. Heh...glad to know I'm not the only one! :shame:

    I hadn't thought about the Ipanema...have to give that a second look. Thanks!
  9. Tulum gm.
  10. Manhattan GM
  11. Petit Noe or Noe
  12. Noe
  13. ooh, get the Manhattan GM :nuts:! it can be used as a handheld or shoulder bag, and it's really not as heavy or uncomfortable as everyone thinks
  14. epi petit noe. It has the alcantara lining, too.
  15. looks like I will need to buy a new set of tires for my car instead. :sad: Not much fun, but I guess even a fabulous new bag won't be much of a consolation if I slide off the road and wreck my car. Bleah...I know safety is important and all, but sometimes I hate being so practical! :p

    Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone...I'll keep them in mind when I am ready to buy again...hopefully soon!