Big Love- New Season

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  1. Anyone watching it? This new season has been allllll over the a good way.
  2. I love this show! Not feeling the love for Bill, however. I think Margene, Nikki and Nikki's mom, Mary K Place are my fave characters. Can't quite figure out what is going on with Sarah.
  3. sarah's pregnant. i wonder where that's going.

    i am not a fan of them adding another wife. i like their dynamic as it is, but i don't think ana will warm up to the idea of marriage. i think she's genuinely giving this a chance, but in the end, it won't be for her.

    i am so glad bill's mom has his dad tied up at the compound. ROFL! bill's mother is one of my favorite characters on the show. she is hilarious.
  4. Yeah... I am not into the forth wive either (LOL) like I would be into a second one but anyway I do like this show a lot. I love Bill's mom too and you know what I bet there are some women like that within the poligamist.
  5. Wanda scares me. I hope she doesn't kill anyone.

    Not liking the fourth wife idea either. I don't think Bill can afford it! But it is weird seeing them all "date".
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.