Big Love ( HBO)

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  1. Does anyone else watch this show!?

    I am in LOVE with it, last nights episode was sooo good. I hated all those older wives though, ughhhh.

    Margene is my favorite. :love:
  2. My Husband is a huge fan, I have yet to watch it.
  3. ohhh, darling, you must watch it!

    It's sooooo good.
  4. Actually those were his exact words last night. LOL :lol:
  5. what is the show about?
  6. I watch it! I love it too! I saw last nights episode but I missed a good chunk of the beginning. I feel bad for Barb. Its like I want her to have Bill to herself like she wants but at the same time I love their big family.
  7. I watch this show because It comes on right after the Sopranos which is in a class by itself IMO - I have been really trying to love it - It has some interesting episodes but sometimes it falls short for me - I'm still trying to love it - I love HBO and almost all of what they offer us.
  8. I like the show because it is soooo different than anything else on TV. It sort of takes me out of the comfort zone-- therefore not knowing what to expect next.
  9. I got sucked into watching it because I'm a punk sometimes about new shows. I didn't care for the first episode then I watched the second and before i knew it i had developed an interest in Margie,Barb,Nikki etc. I want to smack Nikki. I feel bad for Barb and Margie is adorable. So,sigh I guess I like the show.:amuse:
  10. I love it! Last night's was the best thus far.
  11. I love that show - but I fell asleep half way thru. I'll have to catch it this week.
  12. I was surprised by how much I really like this show. I had all sorts of pre-conceived notions about how it would be, and it is nothing like I thought. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a try.
  13. Love, love, love that show. It compensates for Six Feet Under.
  14. I really really like this show. Polygamy would NOT be for ME, but I can see the advantages to such an arrangement.
  15. I watch it every Sunday!! It's not that it's such a wonderful show (yet) it's just that the subject matter keeps me glued... it's like watching a trainwreck! I don't really understand it all yet, though. Like the missionaries coming to the door and saying Nikki wasn't LDS... well how to they know she isn't? I thought they were, but they were just a fundamentalist sect that practiced polygamy too?
Thread Status:
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