Big lots 20% printable coupon! 1/24- 02/01 =)

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  1. bump...because i remembered last time i posted a big lots coupon some people really enjoyed it. =P
  2. Thanks! Do you have to use it in conjunction with some kind of membership card?
  3. T4p
  4. no, no mbrship card or anything needed! =)

    you guys are welcome!! :nuts:
  5. thanks! i was already thinking of going there tomorrow!
  6. Hmm...wonder if I can find another Roomba. Thanks!
  7. I always stop by Big Lots after church. This'll come in handy tomorrow. Thanks!

  8. i just went to big lots today and saw a roomba! lol

    in westminster,ca though =)
  9. thank you :smile:
  10. expired. I thought it was good through tomorrow :sad: I think I'll go anyway, I could use another Roomba. Thanks again!


  11. the coupon is good up until feb 1st!
  12. I bought a mattress there for my guest bedroom. Great price and sure wish I would've had the 20% then. They also have these tiny little 7" mattresses which are great for trundles.
  13. Oh I read the dates wrong! :noggin: