Big Load

  1. i havent been online for a while..... after buying half the LV store at the mall in millenia, i wanted to share..

    (1)checkbook holder
    (2)manhattan pm
    (3)dog carrier (for my new chihuahua!!!)
    (4)denim baggy pm
    (5)the bag ashley tisdale is wearing in the celebrity sec
    (6)vernis change holder

    thank you for taking the time to share my happiness more lv for a while now.....
  2. wow, thats quite a haul, can't wait to see the pics! congrats!
  3. woo hoo - that's awesome! show us the pics!
  4. u r a LUCKY gal.. post us the pics...:yahoo:
  5. WHAT no pic's ?

    Congrat's... some great stuff there.
  6. many things...i'd really like to see the dog carrier with your dog in it! show us please :biggrin:
  7. What a haul!! Congrats! Pics please!!!!!
  8. WOW! Congrats to you, that should hold you over for awhile, lol! PICSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. :search::search::search:
  10. Congrats! We need pictures... especially wanting to see your stylin' pooch!
  11. Piiiiiiiics! Especially of the Dog Carrier!
  12. show us pics!
  13. Lets see all your new goodies!!!!!
  14. Congratulations on your new load! I would love to see your dog in the carrier!:smile:
  15. Oooh... we need pics!!! Congrats on the Haul!