Big & Little Gucci-Gucci Goodie


Jul 28, 2014
Great bag - it'll look great for years to come due to the timeless sprint & strap.

The ring is lovely too! I've never really seen gucci jewellery before, so it's brilliant to see such a nice piece 😆


May 31, 2013
Thank You so much! It's my first time owning a Gucci Bag. I grew up seeing my mom and aunts with their Gucci bags and I never thought I would be interested in owning one but Alessandro's take on Gucci really attracted me to the Gucci aesthetic. I'm also not a jewelry person, but when I saw this ring, I was like wow this is so me (and I'm also a Leo so that helps) and instantly bought it. They also have the same lion ring but with a colored crystal on its mouth but it's not available in my size. There's another ring that I'm obsessing about, it's a bird ring with stones so if it's available in my size, I might just buy it