Big Lacoste Bag!

  1. :yahoo: In the beginning I was focusing more on Coach because it wasn't so formal, but the bag i wanted doesn't come out till sometime in September and I couldn't wait that long so while in Taiwan I stopped by a department store with Lacoste galore. So after months of searching for a bag I've finally found the perfect bag that fits my gigantic laptop! Whoot and here are some pictures! It's a Lacoste Beach Tote with a large alligator on the side with an extra pouch attached to it. So far it's been working well for me. :smile: Thank you to all the earlier people for replying to post with recommendations. [​IMG]
  2. Aww.. that's so cute ! That actually looks like it'd be perfect for school as well, I'll have to check to see if I can find it here too ! :yes:
  3. Very cute bag!! It would be great for school.
  4. nice bag! i have a few bags from lacoste too.. very practical:flowers:
  5. the sales lady says they don't sell very many of them. I looked on Lacoste website for it and they had already switched to fall bags. The other tote bags came in a bright yellow with a green trim, pink in i forgot what color border, and a light blue with a red trim..all with the typical Lacoste alligator logo instead of the big alligator on the side.

    i love the lacoste shoes. I basically want to buy the whole store haha =P

    p.s. what's with LeSportac bags? I seem to be seeing them a lot lately...
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