BIG Job Interview Next Week! Advice?

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  1. Ok, so after over a year of servitude and slavery :lol: I am finally up for a promotion from shift supervisor and trainer at Starbucks to MANAGER!!! :yahoo:

    But the catch is I'm like hella nervous. I'm really afraid to get my hopes up and be let down :crybaby: and I'm also really afraid I'll get jerked around (thats what happened with my last promo). I love my job and this is what I wanted ever since our last manager left (she was temporarirly replaced and I've basically been doing her job but not getting paid for it LOL).

    So I have to mentally prepare because from what I hear these interviews are kinda difficult. I have 5 other people to compete against but I definalty think I'm most quailified becasue I've been at our store since the day we opened and know everyone who works there and have a good working realtionship.

    The icing on the cake thats giving me knots is that my new boss dosen't even need to have any starbucks exprirence. I'm am not about to train my boss how to make a latte and then a few weeks later have him or her telling me what to do. KWIM. It'd be just weird.

    Anyway... yeah. Wish me luck.
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  2. Sending good vibes to you!

    Just be confident, comfortable, and direct (as a manager it's good to be a little bit more direct). Use your strengths and knowledge in knowing the procedures already - for a hiring manager that should be key! It means less work for them to do as you're already trained. Also make sure that they know that you have good working relationships with your staff, it's good on retention.

    Anywho, enough rambling, good luck and knock 'em dead!
  3. ^ LOL what she said (totally nailed it there!)

    Good Luck we believe in you!
  4. Think of the things you'd need to deal with as the manager (or are dealing with), such as motivting others, simultaneously managing operations while setting sales targets etc (sorry I don't really know so I'm just making that part up) and then be prepared to give examples of how you've demonstrated that. Also think of creative solutions or ideas that you've come up with, as well as how you've dealt with difficult situations.

    Be yourself, be confident and you'll be great, good luck!
  5. Practice, practice, practice! I always make my brother and sister practice their answers to some interview questions with me. Think of several things you want your interviewers to know about you and your work and make it a point to tell them. Try not to be afraid (so it will not come across during the interview), but excited for this opportunity. If you do not get it this time, there is always next time!

    Good luck and keep us posted! :smile:
  6. Strong (firm) handshake... nothing worse than a flopping hand....!! Good first impression.
    Let us know how it goes!!!
  7. Did you get the job?? I am very curious to know about it.
  8. The original post was 10 years ago ... and OP hasn't been on the site since 2010.
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