big indecision about a gift

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  1. I suggest the red Lady Dior. It is absolutely gorgeous!

    The blue Oblique Book Tote is the most popular. It sells out very quickly, making it harder to find. You can ask the SA to put your name down for one so that you will be contacted when it arrives in store, but this won't be for your exchange because it will be beyond the deadline for exchanging your Diorama.
  2. I would choose grey. That colour goes with most outfits and it transitions well between seasons.
  3. I would also suggest the Lady Dior. However, if it were between the Book tote and the Revolution, I'd say the Book tote!
  4. F0ACAE3F-A17D-4BE4-9736-28B31B48067C.jpeg B89AEE9D-9B31-4753-A439-372C5967B6D8.jpeg
  5. Great classic beauty! Congrats and enjoy!!
  6. Hi everyone,
    Would it be ok to tag along and ask for your advice?
    I’m thinking about buying my first ladydior bag for my 40th birthday, and debating if I should go for a medium or myladydior (small). I know I want a back lamb skin with champagne gold hw because I love the classic look, but really torn about the size. I have two little kids so I think crossbody style of mylady will be more practical, but I’m worried that I’m too old for the cute pins even now and more so in 10 yrs, although they are really cute! I like oasisgirl’s pins though you picked really nice ones!
    Also mylady is more affordable but maybe not that different in a long run..!?
    I just spoke to SA in the US store and I was told that the price increase hasn’t happened but it could any day!?

    I really appreciate your advice in advance!
  7. Happy Early Birthday!
    Have you checked out the new versions of My Lady Dior. A few threads below this one has pictures of the new strap without the pins. The new slide on charms are removable. The strap on the small is a lot more comfortable and easier to get in and out of the bag with the flap closure compared to the medium.
  8. Thank you so much! I saw the new strap, it looks nice! I will inquire the store about the availability.

    Also, I wish I could have the newer pins (like the zodiac ones) because I like them better than the original shiny ones, but my SA (in Honolulu) told me they are not compatible with the black lamb skin ones.
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