big indecision about a gift

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  1. Hi ladies! i have a question for you. i hope you help me to choose my new bag.
    I received a black diorama as a christmas gift, but i want to change with another bag because I have a chanel boy (and I think it's too similar).
    I have a saddle and i don't want a bag that loses value.
    I'm considering a lady dior, but I'm undecided also between the book tote and the Dior r(evolution).
    if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear your opinion.
    Sorry for my English, I'm italian ;).
    thank you in advance
  2. this is the diorama i received
  3. I've had both and I definitely like my revolution better!! The revolution is a lot more practical and it has pockets inside (unlike the book tote which has one large compartment). You can also change the strap on the revolution as well. What colour revolution were you thinking of?
  4. I agree about the Diorama and Chanel being similar. I would choose a My Lady Dior in a new color and customize.
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  5. If you want a bag that doesn't lose its value, then I think you should exchange it for a Lady Dior.
  6. Lady Dior is next on my wishlist so that would be my vote.
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  7. Lady Dior for me too!
  8. If I were you make a quick decision & exchange as soon as possible since Dior will be increase the price next week to avoid pay the difference.
  9. really??? i’m planning to go on tuesday morning! is it too late?:sad:(
  10. I’m thinking to get the new bag in black color. i like the revolution, even if I’m not sure if it’s just a trendy bag .
  11. thank you for all your comments on the lady dior. i had a beautiful black lady dior. unfortunately the thieves stole all my bags (dior, chanel, saint laurent) recently. so I’m not sure to get a bag that I have already had.
  12. Yes they told me will be Monday or Tuesday since I just preordered a book tote yesterday & they said if I placed an order by today; they will honor the price which I need to pay the current price before next week of the price increasing! So u got to make the decision by today. Actually I have both Chanel boy mini in dark beige & a small Diorama micro cannage in silver but the Diorama hold more stuffs & this bag is more lightweight than the Boy especially if getting micro cannage is more durable then the grained calfskin you have(but cost $300 more) I also planning to get the lady Dior mini as my next bag. Good luck! [emoji256]
  13. Go for the revolution! I have both lady dior and revolution and i grab the revolution more often than the lady dior. The revolution is so easy and carefree!
    If you love the bag, the value is totally worth it.

    Btw, OG said she is italian, does the price increase apply worldwide or only in the US? Just wondering.
  14. Lady Dior
  15. yesterday i went to dior shop in Rome (Italy) and I see my lady dior in three beautiful color ( red, grey, white and a classic black). all the colors are outstanding, especially the red and the grey, even if I’m a black bag lady addicted. :smile:. I also tried the book tote ( they had in green and burgundy, not in blue, my favourite at the moment) that surprised me. It’s really beautiful and fits me perfectly. is it the blue book tote hard to find? I’m very tall and skinny. no price increase yesterday. tomorrow I have to decide the new bag. I’m in trouble! any suggestion on the color for the lady dior? thank you ladies. you are fabulous!
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