Big Girl wants a speedy.....need advice

  1. Ladies, Please give me advice. I have been a lurker here on the LV forum, anticipating purchase of my second LV. My first was given to me by my Mom.
    I really, really want a Speedy, but I am over six feet tall and honestly the 30 looks a bit small on me. Problem is the 35 only comes in the mono, and I would prefer the Damier or the Mini LIn. Other issue, I think the 35 looks a bit TOO big...if I put it down, it looks like luggage.
    Any thoughts, recommendations would be helpful.
    I am heading to Venice this week and my Mom tells me the LV boutique there is incredible.
    It will be interesting to see what prices are like....given what is happenning to the dolllar/Euro combo right now....
  2. I'm 5'5" and I carry the 25. I would bet the 30 looks fine on you. My thought is the 35 looks a bit like luggage no matter how tall the owner (JMO)
    If you prefer Damier... I would go with the 30 and rock it!
    Best of luck!
  3. I am sure the 30 would look great on you. My friend is over 6' and it works on her :tup:!
    Go get that damier (or min lin) 30!!! :yahoo:
  4. personally get 30 in damier. beautiful bag... I love damier speedy
  5. I say the 30 will be fine (I have the 25 azur but the mini lin is really growing on me!) - as long as you like it nothing else matters! Venice....ahhhh take me with you!!!:drool:
  6. I bet the 30 will look great on you. I just got a damier 30 a couple of months ago and I'm 5'11. I was actually wondering just minutes before your post as to whether or not my speedy looks too big on me lol. I think it's because I usually carry smaller bags though.
  7. I say go for the Mini Lin 30

  8. i say wait until you try the 30 and 35 on to decide. if you like the 35 you can always SO one in damier.
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice! What great advice too!
    I think I will go to Venice with a plan to pick up a 30....I am happy to hear that you tall gals are rockin' the 30 without a care in the world.
    Thank you, thank you!
  10. I didn't even consider this as a possiblity....good last resort if I ultimately decide I just have to have larger.....Thanks for the advice!
    I have so many other big bags, and this would be more of a weekend, go out bag, not an everyday bag for me....I am thinking 30 will be great:tup:

  11. Can you actually do this? I heard someone asking their SA and they said it wasn't possible. :shrugs:
  12. Try both sizes- if you are still unsure how about the epi in 30? It looks bigger then the normal monogram 30 (and I think it is in fact a tiny bit bigger, there are threads around about this, I think). Have you already tried on the damier in 30? I always feel like the damier looks bigger then the monogram (maybe just my imagination?) so it might be fine!
    Have a nice trip and good luck with your purchase!
  13. I say go for the 30 in Damier if thats what you like! I don't think the 30 would look too big... the 30 is a great size!!
  14. I think the damier 30 would look awesome on you ... go for it! Have fun in Venice!
  15. Im 5'6 and have the 35. Love it! Its the mono though but here's a pic for size reference
    speedy 35.JPG