Big Fragrance Samples? How Do I Get One? Are They Free?

  1. i keep reading that ppl got a big fragrance sample and i wanted to know if it was free and how i can get one :smile: thanks!:heart:
  2. I ordered some things from Coach and they sent me 2 samples, I kept one and gave one to my Roak buddy. have you tried calling coach to see if they still have any to give out? I got my samples shortly after it was introduced.

    Do they have samples at the boutiques to give away?
  3. yea i got a little one of those too when i ordered somehting ubt i was just wondering i thought there was like a bigger sample i was missing or omehing :smile:
  4. Those big ones were for a select few lucky customers that came in the mail. I think there were 2 threads on this if you want to search for them. I wasn't one of the lucky!lol
  5. oooo thanks reddianasaur!!! hehe ill search now
  6. yes, only special people got them :p
    i contacted coach and asked how to get one, they said order the catalog and you will get a free sample inside.

    uhhhhh, i already had that....i wanted the "real" sample. LOL
  7. yea i just searched and saw the thread of all the people who get them *shakes fist at sky* haha :smile: i wish i was a special people !
  8. I placed 3 orders in the past month and received a perfume sample with each order!:yes:
  9. i got that bigger sample in the mail- and it looked like it had been put through had been crushed. :sad:
  10. Awww! Sorry to hear that... :wtf:

    I received one as well. Who knows what makes/made me eligible... I didn't receive a PCE! :crybaby:

    I still got the discount though... :graucho:
  11. same here! got the perfume sample, but no pce card.

    i still got it though. hehe. :graucho: