Big feet, no cute shoes! (HELP)

  1. Am I the only woman in the world with size 12w feet? Finding shoes is a daily obsession! All I can find is low heeled, old lady shoes!:confused1: Any ideas? Thanks
  2. I would buy from they have a wide range of shoes from all sizes. Also if you want designer shoes, it is possible for the designer shoes to custom make shoes to fit you, so check your favorite brand boutique in example:dior and ask about special ordering shoe sizes. Good luck!
  3. My friend is size 12 and she told me that every year Nordstrom does a special event/sale for large-sized womens shoes. She calls it "Freakfoot". Her word, not mine.
  4. ^ That's why im so envy ppl who have larger feet. Mine is 6, and the shoes that go on sale is just the bad ones!!!
    and everytime I see, they got a LOT of choices for larger size:'(
  5. I'm a 6 too, and my size always sells out the fastest.

    Though it is nice to always be able to try on the display shoe :smile:
  6. Ask Manolo?
  7. I'm an 11 but sometimes need to go up a size for super high heels or boots. I only pray that once i have kids my feet do not go up a size or two like some moms are telling me theirs did. Try Zappos, Nine West (you have to go to their website if the stores near you are not carrying 12s) and Nordstroms. Also search eBay. For stores you need to get them immediately when the new seasons items come out because 11s and 12s often sell out quickly also for the most popular styles. Stores often only order a couple of 11 and up shoes. You may need to establish a good relationship with a salesperson who can notify you when your size comes in. If you are willing to pay big bucks, you may be able to get some designers to custom make your size for extra. If you can't find 12w...try taking 12s to a professional shoe repair shop for stretching. I've had shoes stretched up a size.

    Here is site I've had bookmarked for some time but never used yet, they make custom made boots to your measurements.

    I've had one pair of boots from Fredericks of Hollywood catalog that were OK ...on par with maybe Payless shoes. They go up to like 13 and 14 ...for drag queens and crossdressers I think but you can always find a sexy stiletto from them.

    Speaking of Payless, they go up to like 13 and have changed a lot lately. I hadn't shopped there in years but recently bought a couple of cute red patent slingbacks from there.
  8. barefoot tess specializes in shoes for larger feet... i forget the exact website, but if you google that it comes up...
  9. Stuart Weitzman makes a wide range of sizes, including 6 and some 12s. I understand they'll make any shoe you like, in any size, at the beginning of each season. My problem is long, and narrow. I guess shoemakers think that, if your foot is longer than 10, it must be really WIDE, too. Arrrgg!
  10. I'm 6ft and wear a size 11 or 12 shoe (depending on the shoe). I LOVE shoes but I have such a horrible time finding cute shoes that fit. I hate my big feet....
  11. Hello there!! I wear a US 11 and in high end designer shoes I usually have to go to a Euro 42, which translates to a US 12. I have a fairly easy time finding shoes in my size because I've learned where to look, here are some suggestions:


    - (nordstoms let's you search by size, they currently have 12 pages in your size)

    - Do a size search on Zappos, they have TONS of size 12 shoes.

    - Lane Bryant also makes REALLY cute shoes in larger sizes.

    - Silhouettes has great, more casual, styles in your size:

    - also has over ten pages.

    -Also check out outlets like Saks "Off Fifth", Neiman Marcus "Last Call", and Nordstom's "Rack" stores. I've had great luck there. Stuart Weitzman is probably one of my favorite shoe designers, he has AMAZING designs & ever ypair I've worn were comfortable. Many come up to size 12 also.

    You have PLENTY of option out there, trust me!!!

    Don't forget eBay, do some searches, there are PLENTY of sellers
  12. Sometimes I notice on Bergdorfs website that the Gucci shoes are offered in a size 12b. That is the only place I have seen Gucci go beyond size 11. They are usually pre-orders before the shoes are available. And why did I see a size 12 Steve Madden in Nordstrom Rack yesterday! I didnt know he made 12s.
  13. why not check out this blog called It offers daily updates on places where you can purchase fashionable shoes in large sizes in US, UK and Europe.:tup:
  14. I know the Chanel shoes dept at my local Saks carry size 42 and they will order size 42 in any shoes you like. If you are a 12 wide, you'd have to try some of their styles, some run wide, some narrow.
  15. I was in the same predicament until I found Cinderella Shoes.

    They have lovely evening wear shoes,something for everyone......