Big Fashion Changes!

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  1. I find that I am in a time and place in my life that a change has come.
    Over the last 15 years or so I have refined my choices in fashion.

    Now at 37 I lean toward a clean American Look. Kind of New York Socialite:yes:
    Living in the South all of my life we have made trips to New York and I am
    struck by the way these women pull together great Hair, Makeup and Clothes
    It appears beautiful but not over done.

    I am looking for suggestion from the member of this board. I want to know what goes into this look and key pieces I should have. And any other suggestion on hair, skin, makeup what ever you can add.

    A friend of my sister told me to read Better Than Beauty A Guide to Charm by
    Helen Valentine and Alice Thompson.

    Tell me what do you think?
  2. I think being clean, keeping your hair healthy with a great cut, your clothes pressed and fresh, and minimal makeup!! Getting regular manicures, pedicures, facials etc! Never be over done but do accessorize.
  3. Good advice Minnie. I remember Martha Stewart once saying you can have your house fashionably decorated but if the windows aren't clean, it doesn't matter. Advice along the same lines.
  4. Question what type of manicure to you think. I keep my nails short now and took off the overlays I had for over 12 years.
  5. short with dark polish is the look lately, short with a neutral color is always a good idea. stay away from fake nails.
  6. Watch What Not to Wear. Stacy and Clinton specialize in the "New York business" look!
  7. Hair: Sleek, and clean. Definitely NOT greasy looking. Well-groomed, but not overly doused in product that makes you have helmet hair.

    Make-up: Matte/Dewy face (depending on your skin type), simple eyes (eye liner with a gold/brown/bronze eyeshadow works), and a peach/pink/nude lip.

    Clothes: Right. The whole New York "i-mean-business" look revolves around being sharp and sleek sillouettes. Key pieces that I believe every woman should have: vests that are of fantastic fitting, a fail-safe dress (doesn't matter if it's not an LBD.), a "FAT-DAY" dress, bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, peep toe court shoes, knee-high boots that have a stacked heel and with a gently rounded toe, a blazer, a statement bag, a trench coat and a great watch.

    I think it's very important to always check yourself out in the mirror, spin all around, make sure nothing's popping out, make sure nothing that's not supposed to be seen is kept unseen, nothing is smeared and you're ready to step out of the house!

    Manicures should be short with a nice dark colour, a season's on-trend colour or nude. (no nail art, please!)
  8. I'm lurking in this thread and learning from all the good advice from minnie, coachwife, shimmapuff, amanda, and [vogue]. You guys are good. [vogue], are you a stylist? Your tips seem so complete (I'm blanking-out on the right word, sorry) and helpful.
  9. bonsermom: nope. i'm 17, studying my A levels. Haha.
  10. As a Manhattanite, I would agree with most of what you say. But let me add, lots of black. It's a slimming color after all. In regards to the gently rounded toe, well, I still see lots of pointy toed shoes around here. Lots of little black dresses, we are New Yorkers after all. After a certain age, most women don't wear jeans. It looks great on the 20 somethings, but in their 30's they start to shed them. They can still be worn, but on casual occasions.

    I'm going by my friend as an example. She has a personal trainer, personal shoppers in every major store, a monthly appointment with her hair stylist at Bergdorf, and a great dermatologist. Great skin is key.
  11. Both Vogue and Hermesgroupie have some great advice here.

    I also would suggest well groomed (but never over groomed eyebrows) and either whitened or if not perfect the veneered teeth. Teeth make a HUGE difference.

    Also massive logos are a no-no. Its the more discreet lines that look classier.
  12. I think timeless is key.
  13. I also admire the neat look of "manhattanites". When I first visited NYC in 99 I went to the MoMa and to me it was such a show !!!
    I didn´t know where to look : the art pieces ("les Demoiselles d Avignon" Picasso:heart: ) or the style of these was a Carolyn Bessette Kennedy time.
    The Parisians play it cool-chic , like "I don´t care"......but these classy New Yorkers, waow,:love:
    Would love to read more advice please !!!!
  14. Great to here from a Manhattanite first hand. Question, I started to see a great dermatologist a few months ago. I was having problems with acne.
    She perscribed Differin (I love It ) But what type of treatments should I ask for? And I am about to upgrade my engagment ring. I was told get a square cut stone, even if I love Pears. Would that be correct?
    Oh and thanks for all of the good advice.
  15. Here is one of the women I love!


    Aerin Lauder