Big Expansion in North Georgia

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  1. The Coach outlet store at the North Georgia Premium Outlets is taking over the space that used to be occupied by Mikasa, quadrupling its floor space. I spoke to one of the SAs about it today, she said they should be into their new store next month. The small store is always packed on the weekends so the extra space (and inventory) will really help.
  2. The same thing is happening at the Leesburg VA Coach outlet - Mikasa is out of their big store and Coach is going to move in there. I don't know when it's supposed to happen, though. It would be great if it was next month as well!
  3. Thanks for the news! I knew they were relocating but I didn't know where they were going. That will make the store so much easier to shop, it is always so crowded in there.
  4. This is very exciting to hear. "My" outlet (Wrentham, MA) is very small and usually overwhelmingly busy. Kate Spade has just opened up next door in a similar sized space and is no where near as busy. I'm really waiting for Coach to get a better spot (closer to Lindt Chocolate store would be good!)
  5. We go up there once or twice a week just to walk around and check things out. We walk a minimum of 10,000 steps/day (that's 4 miles more or less) so we go up and down every row, mostly window shopping but we do stop into Saks and Coach every time to see what's new. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  6. This is my outlet!!! Although I only go about 2x a year :biggrin:. I can't wait to go back..this time it will be huge :yahoo:
  7. Thanks for the info mharvey816! I had no idea Coach was going to move into Mikasa's old space! I will spread the word :smile:
  8. This happened in Tilton too. I went up there last year and almost panicked because they were gone ! But then I noticed they moved more toward the corner. I don't know what was there before because I am usually only interested in that store, baby gap and stride rite.
  9. I live less than 10 miles away, if you take GA 400 we are between exits 13 and 14 so if you pass exit 14 you can see how easy a drive it is for us.
  10. Wow..I am so jealous :drool: I wish I live that close. It's 5 hours away from us :crybaby:
  11. We got a card from the Coach Outlet store today, the new larger store opens May 9th
  12. The Coach store in San Marcos has moved a couple of times also. I remember going in there several years ago and it was never crowded. Now it's a zoo.