Big event tonight - choose handbag or shoes first?

  1. I'm torn as to what to wear to a big summer event tonight. I have two choices:

    Black and tan outfit with channel espadrilles and channel report bag.


    Bright colors (fushia, light blue, etc) cami with white pants and fushia louboutin espadrilles and Fendi Sellaria bag?

    espadrille.jpg fendi.jpg louboutins.jpg
  2. I'd go with the lighter colours, I love the Louboutin espadrilles !
  3. I'm all about the lighter colors too!!!! Sounds like it will be fun!!!!! Let us know what you choose and maybe you can show us the pics :yes:
  4. Go with the Chanels. Especially if it's outside. You gotta have your toes out!
  5. I need more details!!!

    Black and Tan? what is it? black capris? black skirt? Tan skirt? cargo? What color is the chanel bag?

    as for outfit #2,

    Are the white pants denim? capris? any details?
    Does the cami have any detailing? material??
  6. Lighter colors!! Love the espadrilles, HAVE FUN!
  7. I am diggin' on the Louboutin combo.
  8. I'm all for bright colors in the summer time but I'm gonna vote for the Chanel ensemble all the way! That outfit just sounds spicy ;]
  9. I wish you gave us more details, but on wwhat I have to go on...I go with the neutrals. Pump it up with accessories and have a blast!
  10. I love that light blue bag with the pink shoes so would probably go with that. But the Chanel combo sounds very classic. I guess it just depends upon whether you want to look more festive and summery, or more classic and refined. (?)
  11. It's summer, go with the lighter colors! Love the shoes!
  12. i personally would choose the black tan because i'm not brave enough for brights/whites. but if i were DEFINATELY the bright one! it's summer!

    but MandM has a good point. what is the look you want to portray?

    we need details!
  13. Go with the bright colors - I LOVE the Louboutin espadrilles! Have fun!
  14. i would go with the lighter color
  15. i'd also go with the lighter colors too. gosh, i soooo love those Louboutin shoes:love: . have fun:flowers: