Big enough to fit a novel?

  1. So I've been killing myself over if I should go ahead and get this bag before the semester's. At the same time they have a large and a small version and since I only need something big enough to hold a paperback novel I was thinking about going with the small and saving my money. But seeing as I'm lazy and cant find a ruler (Note to self - Buy a ruler. Why dont I have a ruler?), what do you guys think?


    Measurements - 10 5/8 (L) x 5 1/2 (H) x 4 5/8 (W). The bigger one is 13 1/2 (L) x 7 3/4 (H) x 5 3/4 (W).

    Thanks guys, sorry :[
  2. I have a ruler handy and just measured a large paperback - the "trade" size new books often come out in - and it was 8.6 ins long by 5.4 ins wide - depth obviously varies by book - war and peace will be wider than most! Obviously standard paperbacks are slightly smaller, so better still in terms of fit.

    A standard hardback is 9.7ins long by 6.3ins wide.

    HTH! ;)

  3. PS One thing I did ages ago that has saved me numerous misfitted items is work out how long my hand is from tip of mid-finger to first "bracelet" crease on wrist - in my case, 7 inches give or take a tenth. I really recommend it as a way of having a handy measuring tool with you all the time!

  4. Thanks Chandi (x a million)!!

    [edit] Yay! I found a paper ruler! lol
  5. always remember....a normal piece of paper (like from a printer or copy machine) is 8 X 11 inches....

    Actually it might even be 8 and a half

    Im always picturing in my head how long a bag is by comparing the dimension to a piece of paper.

    Also, i think your Green Bag is 14 inches long....? Is that to big for thur purpose your looking for? Thats slightly longer than the larger version of this bag. the bag!
  6. The smaller should be more than enough for a paperback.
  7. lol Thanks Kiari! I was hoping you'd pop in for this one! Yeah, I love my new green bag, but I was thinking it was a bit too big for just a quick run out and the green is amazing, but not very versatile for a lazy day outfit you know? Oh good! I'm so glad the small one is big enough because I've been seriously considering it whether or not it fit the novel or not, but of course the fact that a novel would fit makes me a lot happier. I was thinking about that with a piece of paper too (had a senior moment though, I couldnt remember the dimensions X_x)! I even tried to imagine it against a photo because I know those are 4x6. Oh! And an index card, but I couldnt find one :Push:
  8. Most normal paperbacks will fit, and darn-it if its one of those bigger one's...just dont zip the bag up!:lol: :lol:
  9. Yay! Got her! I love her :]
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  10. Nice!!! Congratulations. Did you try putting a novel inside? Do the dimensions work for you?
  11. Yay!!! Congratulations...that bag is beauuuuuuutiful!!!
    Enjoy it!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  12. Congrat's
  13. that is one of the cutest coach bags.
  14. That's a really nice bag! Congrats! How much does it retail for? Hmm, I might look into it now....
  15. Thanks fayden, Bag Fetish, LauraLee, WCLC! You girls are the best, you know I always appreciate it.

    Yes, the book I have at the moment fits perfectly, it can even lie down in the bottom of the bag. For larger novels though I have to put them at a bit of a slant, but it still works out!