BIG drop in prices at jomashop on select items!

  1. OK, the whole family thinks I'm insane. This is my second spy in 2 weeks!!

    I scored the zucca and nappa spy from jomashop for $885 (+tax cause I live in NY)!

    Links to reduced items:

    the leather and zucca:

    denim spy:

    satin spy:

    looks like gray spy (down ($19):

    embroidered denim spy:

    hobo B Bags:

    B Bags:



    large black pebbled B:

    large blue pebbled B:

    Also, dejour bags on sale:

    I am now officially not allowed to spend any more $$$
  2. omg nooooooooo why now? I'm running out of $$$ and was having a hard time just picking one! now this?! noooooooo (but thanks for the wonderful dilemma):sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  3. I was trying so hard to ignore it, but I couldnt resist. I've spent nearly $1900 in the past two weeks....I MUST stop
  4. Oh wow thanks for this.I want another Fendi so bad!
  5. Oh wow thanks.
  6. although limited selection, this is like the biggest sale ever! I've put three things in my shopping cart and I'm staring at them! I know I'm going to end up getting 2 of them...oh no oh no this is not good..
  7. may I ask which three? :smile:
  8. must not buy wisteria spy....
  9. Yeah..I'd been eyeballing the squirrel denim for ages but everyone hates it because its denim and retail it costs over 3000$ so I really wanted to be sure before I bought it. Now its at 1500$ so I'm like :wtf:
    The other 2 are the brown medium bag du jour which i really like and its going for $615 so I think I'm definitely getting that (original $1320)
    The third is zucca/nappa/tortuga spy which was the first spy I fell in love with way back when but never got because I wanted its $885 from $1950!!!!

  10. oh litigatrix..i want the wisteria one as well but it wasnt my top three...!! I wish I hadnt bought so many bags and shoes this month! But I love them all!
  11. Same...
  12. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!:ban:

    I can't stand it!!!
  13. OMG...that denim spy is looking even better to me all of a sudden!!!:drool:

    We need a Spy bag therapy group, LOL
  14. hee hee, that wisteria spy HAS to be bought from somebody here.... its just calling out, saying buy me buy me ;)