Big Dior Bags?

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  1. Hello Dior girls,

    First time venturing into the Dior section. I was looking through the threads and I decided I really like the way Dior bags look. I don't know anything about Dior bags..I only know of the saddle and gaucho bags. I wanted to know what styles of Diors bags are out there, particularly big ones as I seem to carry my entire house with me.

    Soooo if you ladies can help a noob out. :P
  2. I'm sure mayday would be able to help you out with this. ;)

    i think the new cannage drawstring bags are extremely lush (from the pictures, i've yet to see it in real life, but soon!).

    there's also the dior rebelle line and those seem to be really functional and roomy.

    the dior detective bags seem to be a pretty good size too, along with the boston bags.

    and of course the classic lady dior bags. i've attached some pictures for you to have a look at. you could also go to (or Designer Handbags, Clothes, Designer Shoes and Louis Vuitton at eLUXURY)to have a look. ;)
    black cannage drawstring.jpg black rebelle.jpg camel my dior.jpg silver rebelle.jpg white detective.jpg
  3. and here's the lady dior. ;)
    white lady dior.jpg
  4. I think Zerodross has given you a better "tour" of Dior's big bags than I can :yes:.

    In any case, there are quite a few designs that are available at boutiques that you can't find online (Ebay or Eluxury). Do give them a visit...I think you'll fall in love with Dior even more.
  5. Are there Diors bags that are discontined? Like the bags mayday mentioned says can be found in boutiques?

    zerodross- That's for the info and pictures!! That was extremely helpful- I'm really liking the rebelle bag in that bronzey color. I really like the drawstring bag too, but I don't know how well that'll sit with my body.
  6. i've not seen the cannage drawstring in real life yet since there isn't a dior where i'm currently at. but my mom saw it when she popped down to dior (to help me get the gaucho), and according to her, the leather is very soft and slouchy, although she's not a big fan of it. she claims that it looks cheap.

    then again, my mom is not fan of the lady dior line, so it's really hard to tell.
    perhaps the trotter romantique boston bag or the round bag might interest you? :smile:
    romantique tote green.jpg romantique round brown.jpg
  7. Hi en_en!

    The bags at the boutiques that aren't on websites are usually current limited editions or just rare color variations of the same bags online...if the bags are discontinued they are put on sale or sent to the Dior outlets (so their chances of being found at a boutique are slimmer).
  8. I don't have a Dior store no where near where I live I think the hunting is going to be tough.

    But thanks for the great help ladies! :smile:
  9. take a look at the diorissimo large shopper..its amazing!! Plus it can carry a ton
  10. perhaps you could try the dior online shop? but if you're in the US, i think the dior site would refer you to eluxury instead. countries in asia are told to go to a physical dior store and they do offer an online shop for the uk (and france).

    ebay would probably be your best bet i guess. :yes:

    just out of curiosity, whereabouts are you at? perhaps some of the ladies on the board would be able to give you directions to a dior that's reasonably near to you. (there's also a store locator at the dior website, if that's any help)

    if it's any consolation, i need to take an hour's ride (and then some) to get to the nearest dior in manchester. (though thankfully, it's located in selfridges)