big dilemna, help me decide

  1. so, i have a med. classic flap in cracked blush patent on hold for me until 6pm today, its' 1795....i am on the wait list for a blk baby cabas which i'm most likly to get the call for in the next short while, and i'm also toying with the idea of buying the GST since the price will be going up in april.

    i can't have all 3, what do i do?? if i can only get 1, which one should it be? if i can get 2, what would be the 2nd choice?
  2. The GST is going up again in April? Have I been under a rock? I like the classic flap (#1) and cabas (#2)....What are you going to do? Ugh! I hate what you're going through...too stressful!! What do you like about each one?Good luck!
  3. Order of preference
    1) Classic flap, 2) GST, 3) cabas

    Why? Just based on what you are likely to use more
  4. seriously! this is extremely stressful to me
  5. I'm a tote girl personally, so I'd get a GST first.
    Even though I like totes, the Cabas isn't for me so I'd go w/ a Flap next.
  6. don't flame me, but does the big CC logo on the PST bother anyone at all?
  7. it bothers some people, but not me.
    If it were a contrasting color it might bug me, but being monochromatic it's fine IMO.
  8. Cracked blush patent is TDF
  9. oops, i meant the GST.
  10. yep, i see your point...and i think alot of pfers look great carrying that bag, but i feel alittle too self conscious carrying it cuz of the big CC's. though i do like the size and its versatility
  11. 1) classic flap 2) cabas ! I love the GST, but the straps won't stay on my shoulder so I can't wear the bag.
  12. oh, that's a great piece of information to know...bags that won't stay on the shoulders annoy me to the nth come it won't stay? is it becuase of the heavy winter coat? this could be the deal breaker for me.
  13. Flap, GST and Cabas.

    Is the GST really going up again???? I just got one and may get another, but wanted to wait a bit. Can anyone confirm this?