Big difference between PT & City???

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  1. Hi guys! I am going to be purchasing my first Bbag very soon:yahoo: and I just wanted to know if, based on experience, there's a HUGE difference between the City style versus the Part Time style in terms of size. I haven't noticed any big difference between the two :confused1: in pictures and unfortunately I am not close to anywhere where I'd be able to compare the two in person. :crybaby: Please give me some advice!!!
  2. I'm very petite, and the City is a great size on me, but the Part-Time for whatever reason looks WAY too big! There isn't that much difference in terms of inches, but one of them sure looks a lot bigger when I wear it than the other...
  3. the PT just looks longer than the city... its a great style! I think it holds just a BIT more than the city... I love the PT! good luck!
  4. Hi! The City is a really nice size, but if you're like me and you carry alot of stuff, you might prefer the longer PT. The PT will also fit on your shoulder! I ended up with a City because proportionally it looked better on my 5'4" frame, but I wish I had the extra room! :shame:

  5. Thank you so much you guys! I'm excited, and I know whatever I choose you can't go wrong with a Bbag! :yahoo::heart: I appreciate the help!