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Which German School?

  1. Berlin, Germany

  2. Munich, Germany

  3. Vienna, Austria

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  1. OK... I'm planning on going to a language school in August in Germany or Austria. I can figure out which one to go to!

    I want somewhere where I can do fun things after school and on weekends or go on excursions and see the scenery!

    Which one would you choose? HELP!
  2. Noone??
  3. I asked Vlad, who grew up in Germany. He said he would avoid Berlin, because while it is very exciting it is a really huge, hustle-bustle city.

    Munich is stunning- I went there with him! Love the Bavaria area!
  4. I've heard from several German friends that Hannover is the place to study German. The German in Vienna is a bit different than "high German" and in the East, the accent is also different. Where ever you choose, enjoy and have fun!

  5. I agree with Megs. My Mom is from Bavaria and it's a great area!
  6. I have no clue but it sounds like fun wherever you go!
  7. I love Munich and it seems like it will be closer to other parts of Europe you can easily visit. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  8. I love Berlin! It's such an amazing city with lots of stuff to do
  9. Berlin, Germany!
  10. Really I can´t say anything about where to learn german as I don´t speak german !
    But in terms of cities I have been to both Berlin and Munich and I loved them both, but for a student Berlin is the buzzzz !!!
    While Munich is in Bavaria and while that area is beautiful, it´s a posh conservative city, while Berlin is younger, cheaper and (but the west side is where you have all luxury brands and luxurious areas) the east area "Mitte".....OMG full of open-minded,inspirational people and students, you get that creative vibe, they have opened art shops everywhere where they are free to express themselves,and it´s cheap to find an appartment, I haven´t seen such a cool atmosphere in any other european city -except Barcelona- !!!!! shops, restaurants are trendy, affordable and great !!
    Now it depends of you, what suits you ! Both cities are fantastic I think.
  11. I just asked to a german friend : she said Berlin ->more fun , more creative, cheaper and easy to find an appartment.....Munich-> beautiful landscape, but conservative and expensive, "as a student it´s not fun if you can´t go out"
    - and if you want to meet other students = Berlin......voilà !!

  12. Thanks! My SIL also said Munich b/c she is also from Bavaria and says it's beautiful! I think I may go there!