Big Decision - What should I do?!

  1. #1. I know that there are many TPFers looking for the Quilted Blake in Black but I am in love with the Almond color. :drool: It is online at Neiman Marcus right now for $1200 but I don't know if I should wait and try to find it on sale. What do you think?
    #2. Oh, and the color is listed as Ivory though the picture looks like the Almond color??:confused1: TIA!

  2. So gorgeous... Go for it girl, you won't regret it!!!
  3. That's a can you resist?
  4. the NM one is definitely almond. mine's white chiffon which is closer to ivory. i adore my bag. i would say go for it!

    the NM site has had that bag for quite some time now. at least since last winter, when i was looking for a quilted blake...maybe it will go on sale soon?
  5. If that bag goes on sale, you'd better be super quick because someone will grab that fast. It's a very popular style and definitely beautiful. If you really want it, I would suggest buying it now. Very few people I know have found the quilted blake on sale - I have always wished to find one myself!

    thundercloud, your blake is GORGEOUS!! absolutely drool heaven. thanks for sharing yours with us tonight!!
  6. agreed. i would do what thithi said, and save the link to that bag...then continually check it to see if it goes on sale. it will go super quick.

    if you really want it, then you could always try the MJ boutiques? that's where i first saw it, at the vegas one...

    i haven't seen many quilted blakes on sale either. i looked for quite awhile before finding mine on eBay.

    btw, thithi, thank you for the compliment!! i love it too...heehee...i thought my bag was the heaviest ever, until i held your's...heehee...your bag wins hands-down. :p
  7. I love MJ quilted anything, so this Blake is SO gorgeous! It is the Almond color, NM is notorious for re-naming bag colors! I once bought a Sienna Balenciaga that the SA insisted was officially called Tobacco!! I say go for the quilted Blake!
  8. Ahhhhh!!! Ok.....I just did it! I ordered her and she should be here by the end of the week! :yahoo: I feel a little ill because I paid full price...its officially the most I've spent....but I'm positive that it's worth it. I'm gonna be staring out the window with my dog waiting for the carrier! I just bought a Taupe AND a Spearamint Blake last month!! Now.....I'm on a purse ban. ;)
  9. congratulations!!! you won't regret it!! that bag is gorgeous! :p

    gee, you're a big blake fan, huh? you'll have 3 of them! ;)

  10. Umm...I also have a Black one with silver hardware. :shame: Yeah, maybe I should change my screen name to "Blakesgirl2004!"
  11. Congrats!! Hopefully you'll post a Blake family photo when she arrives! :smile:
  12. oh my gosh, you are too funny! i can't believe you'll have 4 blakes then! :p definitely post pics of your blake family...
  13. You won't regret it. It's a very classic bag and the color will be absolutely stunning. I saw it too but just can't do light colored bags yet. I'm not that brave! :p

    I'm sure if you didn't scoop it up, someone would have within seconds if it went on sale. You did the right!

    Def post pics when you get it!
  14. Ok....I got my shipment today. And....I don't know how I feel about it! I originally thought I was getting the Almond color but it is actually the White Chiffon...which is gorgeous by the way. But the leather is soooo stiff and the handles are squeaking every time I move. :confused1: I thought the leather would've been alot softer and and little slouchy. It just doesn't feel like a $1200 bag to me.

    Will the leather eventually soften up? If not it is probably going back. :crybaby:
  15. i'm glad you finally got your quilted blake! i wouldn't worry about the stiffness. the leather will get softer the more you use it. the quilting gives the leather more structure, and that is probably the reason why it's not as soft as you had expected it to be. when i first got my stam, the handles were a bit squeaky too because the leather was still so new, but after carrying it a few times, it eventually stopped. i hope you decide to keep it. it sounds like a beautiful bag, and i would love to see pictures!