Big decision needed asap

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  1. So my oh has a bonus that's unexpectedly come today and he's really excited and has said, right which mulberry do you want? I'm flummoxed. It he will go buy today. So he keeps texting me to say which one.

    So what do I choose? I have oak sbs, mini mm lily and choc bays. What would you ladies choose?:faint:
  2. What a nice dilemma to have! Not easy to make a quick decision though if you don't already have something in mind...

    Some random thoughts:
    Regular or medium Lily
    Tessie satchel or hobo

    Depends on what gap you feel you have, and what styles and leathers you like! Good luck deciding :smile:
  3. I know isn't it! Honesty I'm never in this position normally, we have had a very tough financial situation for pretty much all our years together. Very strange. I kinda like the idea of it being a complete surprise.
  4. Wow great dilemma! No styles or colours you have your eyes on at the moment?

    Based on what you have, a medium Lily or a Delphie might be nice? Or an Alexa. Or if you can spend more and want a larger more structured bag the Bayswater double zip tote is a beauty. So many to choose from!!! Good luck, would be interesting if it was a surprise - let us know!
  5. Great decision to have to make!! Maybe tell him a rough size big/medium/small and a couple of colours and let him surprise you???? (Obviously keeping the receipt!)
    Good luck! Looking forward to a reveal!
  6. What a lovely surprise :smile: it's tricky being put on the spot though. Maybe he would be happy to get you a gift voucher then you have a bit of thinking time.......let us know what you decide.
  7. Ooo how lovely and exciting. Do you want a different style? Maybe if the three you have really work for you you could get the same but in a different colour? I'm in love with my regular lily! Keep us updated :smile:
  8. oooh what a lovely dilemma - any bag bought with love and luck from your lovely man is going to be adored :yes:

    Cannot wait to see which you get
  9. I personally love my sbs. It's big enough to fit most things in and the strap makes it very versatile. I wish I had a husband like yours!

  10. Sorry just realised you already have one! In that case I'd go for an Alexa
  11. I think what I'm going to do is wait cos I really really want a gold metallic snake del Rey. It's the unicorn for me. So have asked to wait. Nothing really floats my boat in the current collection. Just gotta find one now. Thanks for your help guys!! I like the reg oak lily but prefer brass :smile:
  12. Sounds wise - and I am very impressed by your restraint :P

    Hope you find one soon, and show us when you do!
  13. I know!! Serious restraint! But oh likes the dragon bag as he's called it so I reckon that's the way to go. Found one on Fb pages and I'm now hoping and praying she will sell it to me cos not quite got the funds she's asked for. I have to cross everything now!!!
  14. I would get a lily. The metallic mushroom and petal pink are on my list, but I'll have to find the pink at the outlets now.
  15. Medium or regular lily!