Big Decision In St. Thomas....

Jan 2, 2009
Hey All....I know that I rave about my Amazing Hubby all the time, but I have to share a story that is so cute...

We went to St. Thomas as part of our Honeymoon Cruise (we just got back, it was awful, don't ask...). And yes we got married a while ago, I'm in the Army, we do things differently.:lol:

Anyway, in case you haven't been there recently, there is a store to feed your LVovely addiction right off of the dock when you arrive.

AND NO SALES TAX!!!!!:woohoo:

So, my Amazing Hubby, who does not like to go into the store with me....Think Harley dealership for me....Same eye-rolling! He agrees to go because it's on the way back to the ship and I just want a pic in front of it, which I will post later when I get it on disc.

I go in and the SAs are the sweetest!:heart: I ask them if they have the one bag that I have been coveting since I discovered it....


I love this bag! It's the neatest most unassuming LV Speedy and it has a shoulder strap. I won't buy it because I think it's terribly overpriced for what it is, though. It's a matter of principle. Does that make sense?

So the SA looks in the computer and they have one in stock...ONE!

Should she go get it?
I say YES! Then NO! Then YES! NO!

My Amazing Hubby says just go get it because I've never seen one in the leather before. NO! Then I will want it! I already want it, and I have never seen it! NO! And I grab his arm and we leave.

I am on a serious ban. I am sticking to it. Look at this economy, I am not spending almost $3000 on a bag when I just went to a country where eating twice a day is a luxury (Haiti). I said my birthday, if it's still around on my birthday, then ok....

So my Amazing Hubby says, "But there's no sales tax, that will save us a lot of money right there. I will get it for you now and you can have it for your birthday."

So, what do you think I did????


Lovin' LV
Feb 17, 2008
It sounds like you got it to me! That's so cool! Congrats! And I'd love to see the pic with you in front of the store! I've been to St. Thomas a million times on a cruise and I've never seen the store before. Where is it located exactly?
Jan 21, 2009
Lol, I always love your stories, they are so interesting! :biggrin: I hope you got it, and then you could continue your ban. You're in the Army? Wow, I never would have guessed from your avatar and handle, lol! Very cool!! BTW, how are you liking your Palermo? I think the Speedy Cube is very cute, I don't have any speedies at all, but that is one that I would definitely get I think. Enjoy!! Can't wait to see pics!
Jan 2, 2009
It's brand new....If you walk off the ship, there are luxury shops....LV, Gucci and a bunch of others....It was a 5 minute walk. It's in front of a yacht marina...Gorgeous....

Very small store....You know the SAs are patient because they get a lot of people just poking around ooohing and ahhhing.

There was one family that was sitting at a table next to us at dinner and they were really dirty....Like unwashed. They had come out of the store right before we walked in. ICK! The wife was saying "The don't look like anythin' special to me."
Jan 2, 2009
My Amazing Hubby is just that....In Fact, I really like the new Impanema GM....Anyone seen that...It's a cute bag!

I walked away in St. Thomas....That's right, I said that I wouldn't get anything until December and I am a woman of my word.

My Hubby does his best to tempt....He said that he would get me the Impanema for Mother's Day!

I said no!

Yes, I am in the Army. I have been for a while (and no one ever thinks so)....I am getting medically retired this year for a medical condition that they can't fix...

It's hard not to use my medical condition as an excuse to buy whatever I want!!!!:graucho:

My Graffiti is awesome....Polly (my Palermo) is resting in the closet....I love that bag.....I LVoe them all, that's my problem:lol: