Big Debut!!!

  1. Hey guys! Of course most of you know that I was getting my Mono Riveting today!!! And OF COURSE I got it!! I LOVE it SO much!!! I also saw the look book and there is a riveting belt coming out... I dunno if I like it or not :shrugs:


    Here's some pics!

    Oh.. btw I'm on a HUGE ban until I pay this bill off!!

    NO LV
    NO clothes
    NO good food!!!
    NO entertainment!!!

    My bill is too high right now... I'm not buying anything until March 28 (I'm going to Atlanta)






  2. GORGEOUS! and congrats!!
  3. congrats! i saw someone trying it on tonight and it's very pretty irl.
  4. It's gorgeous! Congrats!!!!
  5. beautiful...congrats
  6. Congrats ... it is a cute bag:heart:
  7. oh my love that bag, wish I could afford it, but not right now
  8. Congrats!!! It's worthy!
  9. wooo hoo! congrats!!!
  10. Good for you! You finally got it...she's a beaut!!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Congrats- she is beautiful!
  13. congrats! gotta love those rivets! i didn't know the zipper went all the way around too.
  14. OOOoooo, Awwwww.......:drool: Nice! HOT! SWWEEEEEET!!:sweatdrop:
    Congrats!!! ....and Enjoy!! :yahoo:
  15. HOT! mmmm