big day tomorrow - need some help!


which MJ bag from my collection is most appropriate?

  1. chestnut hudson

  2. bordeaux blake

  3. light grey multipocket

  4. indigo seventies satchel

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  1. as some of you may know, i am going to school to become a funeral director. tomorrow is the day that ive been waiting for since i started the program 2 years ago - i begin my off campus work program at a local funeral home. ive got my outfit laid out already - a really classy and professional looking dark grey suit from banana republic. thing is...i havent decided on which MJ bag is appropriate to use at the funeral home, so i need your help on deciding. im leaning towards the bordeaux blake, but i just wanted to get some opinions from my girls :smile: thanks, and wish me luck! :love:
  2. I voted for the bordeaux Blake. I think it will look perfect with your suit. Good luck Jackie!! :flowers: :heart:
  3. Bordeaux blake for me too. It'll be a nice pop of color against the grey suit, it's such a great purse to dress up or down. Good luck on your first day!
  4. I voted for the Blake. GL tomorrow!
  5. Definitely the bordeaux blake. It is perfect with your suit. Good luck tomorrow!!!
  6. I think Bordeaux Blake as well....good luck!!
  7. Maybe I'm old-fashioned(or woodwork as I've recently been called), but I think the outfit for the first day working at a funeral home should be a bit conservative. I chose the light grey multipocket. You can always bring out the bordeaux eye candy another day after you get comfortable with the new job.

    Good luck, and have fun!!
  8. I was kind of with Thithi. I picked the indigo seventies satchel because it is a classy bag and I love navy and grey together.
  9. I agree with thithi, mp would look good! I am sure whatever you choose will be great! Good luck!!
  10. I might be a little late here but I would have to go with the Grey MP. I think the monochromatic look of the dark and light grey would be great for a first day.
    :tup:GOOD LUCK!!!!!:tup:
  11. I'm definitely late, but i choose the seventies satchel minus the chain. navy + grey is a great color combo.

    i'm sure you'll look great no matter though! good luck!
  12. I voted Bordeaux Blake. I think the color is rich and inviting but not flashy. And just happens to add a subtle touch of pop.

  13. That would be really pretty too!

    Good Luck, you will do great, can't wait to hear how it went!
  14. have you gone yet? if not, then i voted for the seventies satchel. i agree with jess. i love navy and grey together, and since it's your first day, you might want to save color for later on. although the bordeaux blake would've looked great too. hope you have a good first day of work!
  15. MP or Blake, I think either would look great with a grey suit. Good luck!