Big day: inside an $80,000 wedding - comments please

  1. Details are somewhat sketchy. What cost so much?
  2. Ridiculous. Why spend that much on something that will probably not last five years? $80,000 in debt is a lovely way to start a new marriage!
  3. yeah, they didn't really do a good job outlining how much was allocated to what. i hope theyre rich though because $80,000 is alot on a wedding. i thought the norm was like $40K-$50K? don't know the details but i remember FoodNetwork had a series of Disney weddings. they showed how much 3 different amounts of money can get you. there was one that was $100K and the sorbet was served on top/in ice swan sculptures for each guest. soo ridiculous!
  4. The most expensive item on that list is probably her dress, this is not to mention venue, food and alcohol.
    Singapore orchids while here in Vancouver are fairly affordable can be costly in other countries and plus the labour of the florist. She left out vehicles, which are charged by the hour and the cake can run about
    $ 400.00CDN or up. This doesn't include any staff, bartender's fees, wedding planner fees or even cake cutting fees.
    The wedding also took place in Australia and things there are higher priced than here in North America.

    A note from the industry; Please keep a budget and stick to it! What is really important to you, and can you do without trivial things. That is the first thing I ask my clients when I see them; have you thought about your budget? Starting a new life in that much debt is's a special day, one you want to remember for all the right reasons. Not because Visa or Mastercard keeps calling you.
  5. That's crazy. The parents must be super rich.
  6. unless I was super rich, no way!
  7. Well, I can see how a wedding can balloon up to $80k fairly quickly if you have no financial restraints. My wedding was 200 guests and ended up being $30k, and I was really cheaping it! Like my $150 used dress came from eBay, flowers we got at Costco, lots of things were DIY and it still came out to that amount. We are in CA though, where it typically costs $150/pp just for the room and food. So if they had 280 guests and did it in Sydney where costs are higher...and she went with a really nice dress, nice centerpieces (which can easily be $100/ea), etc....$80k can be hit pretty easily! (Doesn't mean it's not absurd, but weddings are really expensive now, and you don't even have to be crazy!)
  8. I am not a big wedding person at all. I must of been born without that gene. I feel when someone puts on a "production" like that, it is for everyone else. I have often thought about going into wedding planning because there are fools like this I could make money off of. I have watched shows like "Bridezillas" and I am always shocked how crazy these women get for one day of their lives. I think some people think the more they spend, the more likely they will stay with the other person. I would rather spend my money on a small ceremony (read: city hall) and take a great honeymoon. I understand why celebs do it, but regular everyday Joes, just a waste of money imo.
  9. My main reaction is that it's really tacky, IMHO, to put this information on the internet -- like, "look at me -- I can afford an $80,000 wedding!"
  10. I would never even dream of spending that much money on a wedding. I don't care if it's just happening once in my life - $80,000 is a down payment for a house, a luxury car, etc. Give me a beach, a sunset, a pitcher (okay, two or three) of margaritas (salt rimmed glasses included, of course), future husband, me, and I'm all set :nuts:
  11. If I'm paying $80,000 for a wedding, I'm having it in Barbados, not a church. They got ripped off imo.
  12. I just totaled it out...I am only inviting apx. 75-100 people for my Nov. 2008 wedding.

    If I did 280ish like the couple in the article did, my wedding would easily be 80k.

    Yikes!!! I am definitely glad that SO and I trimmed our guest list down! LOL

    I would feel sooo guilty if my parents paid that much for my wedding!
  13. its their wedding. its their business. whatever blows their skirt up....
  14. They had a huge number of guests -- 280. That could easily explain the bulk of the cost of the wedding. I only had 85 people at my wedding ... but after I added in everything, including the entire wedding costs, favors, flowers, catering, dress (which was bought pre-loved on eBay too), honeymoon, rings, etc. -- it was around $50K. The costs add up VERY quickly.