Big curls?

  1. Ok, I have been wanting to do this to my hair for awhile but im not even sure you can.. i want this (not color) but curl... I have naturally wavy hair so i can straighten it and it will stay straight or i can scrunch it and it gets (kinda curly) but i want it straight on top and big loopy curls on the bottom just like this picture. How do i do this every day without alot of time? My hair is all 1 color and very healthy so could i have bottom purmed like this?? I would love that, but would that work? Any advise??

  2. You can use a curling iron with a bigger barrel (1.75 inch?) and wrap the curls loosely around the barrel and concentrate on the ends of your hair. If you hair is naturally wavy it shouldn't take too long and the curls should hold with any kind of hairspray. Another thing you can use is hot rollers. They make big, loose curls that are really pretty. You can also curl them halfway and leave the top part straight.
  3. I love the look but that seems like it would take all morning to do and i dont have but an hour to get ready everyday. Can you have your hair permed this way? I don't mind if its perminant
  4. i did this on my own with my GHD flat iron and it's fairly similar to the photo that you posted.
    my hair is usually straight:
    the GHD iron is a fantastic investment :smile:
  5. Ichelle is right. I make these exact curls with my GHD. I have waxy/curly hair too. I blow dry, make it super straight with the GHD, then curl with the GHD. Perfect.
  6. I have a GHD too, but I never tried curling with it. How exactly do you curl with a flatiron? Seems difficult. :smile:
  7. Take a lock of hair on the left side of your head. Clamp down the GHD HORIZONTALLY on the lock of hair (not vertically like in the video) and then quickly rotate it 180 degrees counterclockwise. Then quickly and lightly wrap the remaining lock of hair around the outside of the barrel in the same direction you rotated the GHD (counterclockwise). Now pull straight down slowly, rotating the GHD slightly ccw as you get to the end. Obviously, rotate clockwise for locks on the right side of your head...
  8. When I had longer hair, I used the heated Carmen rollers, which were a God-sent.
  9. :tup: Works every time!
  10. i dont understand how you did it still... I have tried this with a large barrell curling iron but i cant get the back right and it just looks like a mess :confused1:
  11. LOL Could someone maybe post a pic of this curling techinque? I am a visual learner! :smile: