Big congrats to Roo our new ....................

  1. "NewsjunkieMOD". Thanks Roo for a great forum & good luck! We can always count on you for insightful posts & threads on current events.:flowers:

    Ooops that should have been "Big" not "ig" can you change that title Roo please so I don't look silly LOL
  2. Thanks so much!!!

    For those reading, for now my Mod style is going to be pretty free form- I will only intervene if things get really nasty and/or if there are ad hominem attacks. I am trusting that you can all be the intelligent adults you are and if you are going to argue, try to do it intelligently and also do a lot of self-moderating if you gals can. Also, if something gets out of hand be sure and report it so I'll see what's happening.

    We asked for this area for a while so the last thing we all want to happen is for it to implode...

    So.... in the sassy words of Austin Powers... "BE-HAVE!" ;)
  3. Congrats Roo! I always appreciate your views, insights and opinions. :tup:
  4. Wooohoooo Roo!!!!!!
  5. Congrats Roo!!
  6. Congratulations Roo!

    I know we can count on you to help cool heads prevail as discussion unfolds on the controversial Korean penis size issue.
  7. Rock on Roo!
  8. Penis? Where? :graucho:
  9. I came to cheer Roo on and find myself pondering Korean penises...which makes me think of Korean bar-b-que.
  10. ^^ LMAO Irish!
  11. Oh, ok, no one else's thought pattern was like mine?

    uh, really?
  12. Congrats! Great idea.
  13. Congrats Roo!
  14. Yay, Roo!
  15. It became my favorite forum the minute it appeared! Thanks for setting it up!