Big confusion!...HELP

  1. Hi you guys! I need help;) . I just receive today my MJ kislock Stam in black from NAP. It is gorgeous but heavy. I have had experience with heavy handbags because i own 05 Chloe paddington. But to be honest i said another heavy bag:sad: ...Also i said wow too eccentric- it will take a while since i get used to it!

    I also bought a dark brown spy recently which i am IN LOVE WITH. Not heavy at all and extremely stylish:P

    and lately i start lushing the aubergine paddy which is more my style.
    Well decision time
    1. Keep MJ and buy aubergine metallic Paddy in Paris that i will go a trip to before Christmas
    2. Return MJ and use the money to get another Spy(color style suggestions?)
    3. Return MJ and get instantly the metallic paddy and get a Chanel black bag(i will decide there the style) in Paris
    4.any other suggestions?

    I know it is very confusing.What is your opinion?Thank you in advance!
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  2. I think that you should get or keep whichever bag you really LOVE the most, and it kind of sounds like you really want that aubergine metallic Paddy.

    In my opinion though, I think you should keep the Stam. You already have a Spy and Paddy and I think it will divesify your collection. The Stam is heavy, but it's a really beautiful bag and if you are used to heavy bags, then it shouldn't be a problem for you.

    However, again, it sounds like you're really lusting after the metallic Paddy, so you should probably get that instead.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide! :flowers:
  3. I think that you should definitely return the Stam if you are not in love with it so I'll go with the option n. 3:return the Stam and get a Chanel instead (and maybe the paddy;) )
  4. I really dread carrying heavy bags. It stinks when the bag is heavy and you haven't even put any of your things in it yet! The strain on my arms or shoulders--It makes me not want to carry it!

    I would go for a Chanel. Their leathers are not as heavy and are always in style. A Chanel has more staying power IMO
  5. Return Stam, it's obvious in your post that you don't love it; you are in love with Spy & think that it's extremely stylish, plus, Paddy is more your style.
    Get something that you will wear instead. =)
  6. You guys are saving my life!!! Thank you so much for replying to my complicated message but all these thoughts are spinning in my head. I will seriously take your comments under great consideration!!!! i thought nobody would answer to my complicated thread:crybaby: !!!
  7. If the fact that you just bought and you are not totally in love with it. I would consider exchanging. I have heavy bags too, and those I will not cary on weekends. And for the price that I had paid ... I should want to cary them 24/7. Just my opinion...
  8. The idea of buying a Chanel in Paris is too fabulous to pass up! I myself prefer the Stam, but from your post it sounds like you want the aubergine Paddy. I would go with the 4th choice if I were you...
  9. Ok i decided to return it. I just requested RMA code. It is more obvious now after one day that i'm not in love with the MJ bag. It is just not too functional and if i were to get a heavy bag again this would be only the paddy. Thithi you are so right.... the excitement of the Chanel experience in Paris cannot be beaten!Bagbug thank you for your advice.I want some days to pass before i buy a paddy or a spy so not to have second thoughts afterwords and be completely sure for my decision.Thank you everyone!!!!!
  10. I am all for option number three.
    If I don't hit off with a bag right away I won't warm up to it later but that's just me.

    3. Return MJ and get instantly the metallic paddy and get a Chanel black bag(i will decide there the style) in Paris