Big confusion about the Dark brown/Chocolate Spy

  1. Dear TPFers,
    I am considering the dark brown leather spy to be my first spy (I saw it on Aishwarya Rai on the Celebs with Fendis -thread and thought I had to have it).
    I live in Finland (Northern Europe) and we don't have any Fendi boutiques nor do any of our department stores carry Fendi. So, I am pretty much dependent on internet purchases and travelling to Fendi store locations.
    Now I saw the Fendi I want in two internet sites (styledrops and raffaello-network, and accorindg to the threads I have read they are legit) that ship to Finland, but am unable to be sure from the pictures on the site which one of the bags is the actual bag that I want.

    Here are the links:

    The Rafaello bag is from 07-08
    and the Styledrops bag is from 2006 (at least that is what they state in the title of th bags)
    I am worried about the shinyness of the raffaello one as I don't want the bag to be shiny. The leather on the styledrops bag is looking very smooth. The other thing is the price (the Raffaello one is over 500 €/800$ cheaper). The third thing is the fact that the they state at the styledrops site that this is the last item -> if the bag is not what I want when it arrives I am not able to change it to another one, and I might end up paying the re-stocking fee (both sites have this)....:confused1:

    Somebody please explain to me why these bags look so different and what should I do?
  2. TC - You are not imagining things, there are actually 2 types of coating/finish on the spy bags leather, depending on when they were made. The more recent ones have (rafaello) have a thicker finish (may look shiny in photo) so they are more waterproof, and less blushing I think. The early 06 bag has a finish that the surface is more like natural leather.

    If the bag has good character or bubbling, I actually prefer the 06 in many cases, but I have some very nice ones with the 07 finish also. That being said, the styledrops one concerns me, the shape looks a little tired and less interesting than a spy would be - is this the exact one you would be getting? The "shininess" of the 07 spy is not as reflective as it may look in the photo, given your choices, I'd personally go for that one. :tup: I have an 07 chocolate spy and very happy with it.
  3. Quite agree with baglady.

    The coating on the new 07 spies does fade a little in time,so will not be so shiny after some wear, its their to protect the bag, as some of the older spies fade a bit in colour, we call it blushing. I also prefer the older leather, the bags have more character but its what you prefer.

    Did you know Selfridges and Harrods in London sell spies and ship worldwide.
  4. Thank you baglady and Saich2 for the quick answer and the great tips! You guys are the best :dothewave:

    I was so bummed that I missed the White Spy on NAP, as it would have been the best summer bag...But now after rigorous studies in the purse forum, I have been leaning towards the dark brown or the petrol one...I wish I could just see them au naturel and hold them in my hand so that I know that the bag is exactly what I am looking for.
    I really need a vacation to a city where thay have better shopping options than Finland :p
    Sach: Should I call or e-mail Harrods?
  5. I would give them a call so you can discuss all the options with them right away, instead of emailing back and forth.
  6. I should add I also love the leather on my older spys to bits, and was slightly disappointed with the coating on the new blueberry. So it is comforting to know this will be getting softer, and I guess using it a lot will help.
  7. You need to call Monica at Harrods, their direct phone number is 02072256601, you will have to dial UK code in front of that and might have to leave of the 0 or you can call Margaret or John at Fendi 02078386288 again putting a code in front and might have to miss the 0 off. Fendi do not give refunds though only store credit while, harrods will give a refund less postage if you get the spy and then find you do not like it. Hope this helps.
  8. I have a 07 Dark Brown Spy and it is soooo delicious in person. The leather is so soft and smells wonderful. I am usually an LV gal, but a Spy is my exception, and for good reason! Good luck and let us know what you get!
  9. Oh... I had a slightly different question about these colors-

    I was wondering what the really dark dark dark brown color is called? Sometimes I see is listed as chocolate brown but it looks lighter like the cognac but not quite the same as cognac. Or sometimes I see the cognac listed as dark brown? I just get confused... so what's the color of the dark dark dark brown color? I'm looking for that color where it's almost black in certain lighting, but then you know it's brown-

    ok I hope my question made sense... thanks a bunch ladies!!!
  10. Hmmm...I only own one Fendi Spy so I can't compare browns too much, but mine is considered 'dark brown' and it is a very very rich brown. If it were chocolate, it would be dark chocolate. I think the actual 'Chocolate Brown' is a bit lighter.
    I just checked the description tag that came with it and the Product Description says: "Borsa Spy Nappa Nuvolata/Moro/Palladio/Oro"
    Maybe someone else can help here?? Please correct me if I am wrong. I am more of an expert on LV and I only own one Fendi, my Spy.
  11. I'm sure there are only two shades of brown, the darker one is called chocolate, and the lighter cognac (plus honey which is a light brown or tan). This is also confirmed by the reference list .

    Maybe seasonal variations in the leather make some of the chocolate bags look darker than others, or they may have faded a bit and the color looks less deep.
  12. I was unable to make my mind, so I went for the black one:smile: I ordered it from Bluefly (via AccessUSA as I am a finnish citizen). They seemed to be having some problems with the inventory, and they stated that the shipping might take up to 15 days...So it might even take 3 weeks for the bag to actually arrive to Finland. I had so much trouble trying to order the bag that I am very happy if/when it eventually arrives.
  13. My BlueFLy package just arrived!! I will post pictures later...and someone will need to authenticate my purchase before I will get too excited:smile:
    So stay tuned for some black Spy action later today.