Big City Scarf - and what went wrong

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  1. So - after weeks of deciding, I finally decided to buy the last Big City Scarf in Australia. It was on display and they got it dry cleaned and assured me that it was perfect - so today I went to pick it up (which involved some travelling) and brought it home.

    Only to discover it has pen (biro) on it !!! :crybaby:

    The SA did not pick it up and I did not scan over every section whilst in the store as they had it cleaned - but when I opened it at home to photograph it for the forum I noticed the pen mark !!!

    Anyway, I have emailed them the photos and am waiting to hear back. How disappointing after making all that effort.

    But I guess in the bigger scheme of things in life it is only a small problem and I am sure they will refund or something ..... only will be a hassle having to take it back and it was disappointing. I actually was buying this to frame not wear, so it has to be perfect.........

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  2. What a shame! Which store was this at?
    Beautiful scarf though. I hope they can source you a new one.
  3. It was the Brisbane Store and no, they are no longer made and it was the last one in Australia, which is why it cannot be replaced. Totally sold out.

    I am still waiting on the outcome.
  4. Update - the Ferragamo scarf was returned and they refunded not only the cost of the scarf but also the return postage.
  5. That's awesome! Great customer service!:smile:
  6. Yes they are lovely in the Brisbane Store.
  7. So sorry to hear about your scarf. Is there another available somewhere they can have shipped to you?
  8. No, unfortunately all sold out in Australia, that was the only one left. :cry: