Big City Girls: do you wear heels everyday?

  1. I just moved to Chicago from California where trading off between flip-flops and heels made little difference since I had a car and drove everywhere. Now that I'm in Chicago, I don't want to give up my heels, but walking everywhere is tough! AND it's hard on your shoes! My favorite pair of black Chanel boots already look used up and tired out.

    Do you girls stick to flats, or do you still wear your heels? I see lots of girls in Chicago in high heels, so that gives me hope. Also, how do you take care of your shoes to prevent them from all that wear?
  2. I don't live in the "big city" but if I have to walk a lot, I tend to wear flats or my more comfortable heels. It also depends on what I'm doing. If I'm shopping along Michigan Ave, I tend to wear heels (heeled boots are more comfortable than pumps). If I'm just running errands, I'll wear flats.

    One way to prolong shoes is to get them resoled, or buy those rubber shoe pads for like $3 at CVS. Also rotate your shoes. I've hardly had any shoes wear through because I don't wear each pair enough!
  3. Or, my mom used to put "taps" on my shoes when I was a kid to save them from wearing down-do people still do that?
  4. Hey Nishi, what are taps and where on the shoe do you put them? That sounds nice and economical.

    Getting shoes resoled is my last resort deal... I hate the idea of spending $40-$60 on doing that! I guess I'm a cheapskate!
  5. Hmm-going to try to find a picture for you. From what I remember, they were semi circles of black plastic I guess and the shoemaker used to put them on certain areas of the shoe where the shoe would most likely get worn down-Usually right at the front of the shoe and then another one on the actual heel of the shoe.

    That way, the wear would happen to the "tap" and not to the actual shoe/sole/heel. The "tap" was cheap to replace. I keep putting the word "tap" in quotes because that is what my mother used to call them-not even sure if that is the proper name or not.

    OK-it took a while-but, I found soem pics from a shoe repair place here in NY. This is what they look like and they are indeed called taps. you just have to specify plastic taps:


    Taps will help your shoe's heels & soles last a bit longer.

    [​IMG]Plastic Taps
  6. I wear heels to work but as soon as I get into the car...FLIP FLOPS!!! :yahoo:
  7. I just found comfortable walking shoes that I liked wearing. Also, lots of people keep heels at the office or in their bags to change into when they get somewhere.
  8. Pumps. Near everyday. I have a few pairs that I rotate between. I typically don't spend too much money on shoes because when I buy a pair that I actually like, I wear them A LOT! It would break my heart to see a pair of Chanels or something get ruined just from daily wear and tear!
  9. I'd love to be able to wear heels.. but I have a rather long walk to work.. so it's not good on my feet.. if I'm set on wearing heels that day, I'll flip flop it into work... and carry my shoes in my bag... or sneakers in the winter.. cute sneakers of course, pumas. ;)
  10. I live in Toronto. I wear mostly stylish flats, but when i go out I wear heels, and try to park my car as close to the venue that i'm headed so I don't have to walk far on the sidewalk.
  11. I go to a shoe repair store and ask for them to put a half sole. It goes on the bottom of the sole and it's like another layer. They work really well. Can walk in heels all day. :smile:
  12. Nishi, thanks for looking those taps up!
  13. I usually get Vibram soles put on my leather soled shoes to protect against wear and tear. It only costs about $12 a pair around here. It's like a tap but the plastic covers the whole front half of the sole. It's not visible when you're wearing the shoes and it makes the shoes nonskid, a nice bonus on winter boots! I can't find a pic, but I'll try to take a pic of one of my shoes later if you're interested.
  14. ^^ Great idea. It's really worth the $$ to get your shoes protected for big city poundings.

    When I worked in downtown Seattle (oh, I miss those days), I would wear a pair of black flats for the commute and walking (steep hills, but you won't have those in Chicago!), and brought my pumps in my tote bag to slip on in the office.