Big city girl stuck in redneck hell!

  1. :roflmfao: ........:wtf:
    OK...I just have to laugh at this one...thought I'd share with you all. Originally from New York, then L.A. and Vegas, I recently moved to Lakeland, FL (culture shock!) because of BF's job. Well...I had my beloved black Chanel GST, as usual, and this God awful hillbilly comes up to me, and obviously proud to be 'hip' says "That's a niiiiiice Coach bag ya got thare!":wtf::cursing: (And yes, he was serious!!!)
    So I say ":shame: Thanks".....I figure, what's the point of talking to an idiot:shrugs:
    ...and can you believe someone actually told me they NEVER heard of Nordstrom's!?!?!?! :blink:
    Thank God I'm only 50 miles to civilization...Orlando's Mall at Millenia:yahoo:
  2. at least the man paid you what in his heart was probably a compliment?
    I know it must be hard for you to be in unfamiliar territory.
  3. I know he meant well, that's why I didn't embarrass him any further..;)
  4. HAHA thats funny poor guy..... lol
  5. awww.. i know what it feels like.. both the culture shock AND the "misunderstanding"...:rolleyes:

    i was born in berkeley, cali
    moved to
    Toronto, ON CANADA
    moved to
    moved BACK to
    Toronto, ON CANADA

    well...i am not done yet, but can you tell that those are all big cities, or CITIES!!! hahahahaha... lolx.... welll.. i am now...a resident of 6 years... at the suburb, full of farms, deer, cows, horses, and of course HISTORICAL.....

    Montgomery, New Jersey
    haha.. its 15 mins from the infamous PRINCETON, NJ

    talk about culture shock!!! haha.. but i don't think i have it as bad as you though...:hrmm: sooo sooo sorry for you... people here are label whores, so i am alright with the misunderstandings, well, in my town, but not so much in my school!! get a lot of "omg! is that real?!"... *SIGH*... i say yes, and they think i am conceided.. WHAT TO DO!!!!!!! :cursing:

    but best of luck with all the adjustments!!!
  6. LOL...I miss all that vulgar display of self indulgence which is LA....I feel kinda stupid in my Chanel bag, Prada pumps and Chloe jeans going to Buddy Freddy's Buffet!!!:huh:
  7. Lol!
  8. I can't wait to move from London to Alabama in 2008.

    My town will be about 2 hours from Atlanta, I'm very lucky, I will have the best of both worlds, wake up in the country but still have my London Girl ways about me in Atlanta.
  9. My thoughts exactly. I guess I don't see it as that funny. Some people don't know "The Ring" is a Wagner opera, not just a movie. Some people don't know Chanel from Coach.
  10. Too funny, but he meant it as a compliment. I am also living in a small town in NJ. HATE IT, I would love to move back to Florida and the warmer weather and the slower way of life. Miss the stores too. Here the Family Dollar is the larger store in town to shop at......
  11. I laughed at this one!!! Too funny....You were gracious in your response!!!! It's the same where I live...THe shopping isn't good and I have NEVER seen a Chanel bag being carried in my city (except me :graucho: ) Soon though we'll be going up to our boat...spending weekends in Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands NY...In the summer there are lots of big yachts that come in from all over the world...Moviestars and all (I've seen their yachts but not THEM!!) You should see some of the about draped in jewels and designer wear from head to toe!!! So here I feel more comfortable wearing my designer bags...:yes:
  12. Ahh, I just got a chuckle from your post. At least your not too far from Orlando's Mall at Millenia, I love to visit /shop there when I visit my parents.
  13. I am still ROFL and I read this post 10 minutes ago!! It's so hard being a city mouse in a country town. At least he knew a name of a designer bag....
  14. Ok, this is JMO also, but I think it was really mean to call him a "God awful Hillbilly" and an "idiot" ... just because he didn't know Chanel???

    and No I am not from the South, I am in Chicago
  15. hope you get accustomed to your new area.:heart:
    i think it was incredibly sweet and friendly to hear that comment--and i'm also glad there is a great mall not too far away!