Big changes for tPF under way...

  1. ...stay tuned. Vlad's been busy. :smartass:
  2. Vlad your awesome!! So what kind changes will there be.. New Design??
  3. You're such a tease. :smile: Okay, when are the 'clues' going to begin?
  4. Soon, very soon.
  5. :popcorn::happydance:
  6. awww....can't wait!! :p
  7. Woohoo! I can't wait, thanks Vlad!
  8. OOO so excited! the last time this happened there were GREAT Changes...
  9. I'm so excited! Thanks, Vlad, for all the effort you put in.

    You're awesome! :tup:
  10. let's hear about those changes!
  11. I heard they were going to delete the Louis Vuitton and Hermes Section!!!!.......... JK:lol::roflmfao:
  12. I :heart: the new changes!
  13. YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY Vlad!!! Big shout out to the great man behind the fabulous woman. I've only been here a few months, but I think I'm excited as the long-timers...c'mon, drop a hint! :yahoo:
  14. Sounds promising...:beach::popcorn:
  15. :popcorn: