Big Changes for the Oak Brook IL Coach Store!

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  1. This may be old news but it was a surprise to me! :shocked:

    I haven't been to Oak Brook for awhile but I went there today because I wanted to do a return and also send 2 of my watches in for free replacement batteries while they are still under warrenty.

    I parked by Lord & Taylor as usual and cut through L&T to go to the Coach store across from Macy's but to my surprise - it was gone! That entire row has changed. They are building a huge Zara store in that area and the Apple Store has moved into a gigantic new location over there. :confused1:

    I wandered around for awhile and couldn't find Coach or a directory! I finally called them (same old number) and said in panic "Where are you?!" :panic:

    They told me to walk toward Sears and look for them across from the Pottery Barn Kids. I finally found the store and they told me that they had been there for about a month and would stay in that spot for 3 more months before moving into a new location over near Talbot's. :-s

    I had the new 25% off facebook PCE with me but I didn't buy anything:

    I asked about the new Preston and Gingham bags and they had them in the back. The SA brought them out so that I could see them (very nice!) The new floorset will be out tomorrow.

    I think that they should have a big "Come and try and find us sale!" :biggrin:
  2. And when they move, they will have a whole area for women's, men's, shoes and clothes. It's supposed to be amazing! I'm with you on the come find us sale!!! :smile:
  3. It sounds exciting!
  4. Glad I just saw this. I was planning to stop in this weekend to see the Gingham Saffiano items.
  5. Glad I saved you from wandering around like I did!

    Even after they told me where to go I still had trouble finding it! It is right across from Pottery Barn Kids and next to the staircase that goes downstairs to the Subway and other food places. Have fun, the Gingham bags are cute!

    If you don't have a 25% off PCE you can get one off of Coach Facebook.
  6. Did you make it out there this weekend? What did you think of the temporary location and the new floorset?

    If I go back I think the best plan will be to park near Sears, then cut through Sears and walk toward Nordstrom to get to Coach.

    I used to work across the street from that mall and I knew it very well, but now it has really changed - and not just because the Coach store has moved; there's been lots of changes!

  7. I went today after work and picked up a Gingham Saffiano tote.

    I'm not that impressed with most of the bags lately, and the jackets may as well not exist because I'm a size 16/18.

    I couldn't believe how much has changed/moved! And I go there fairly regularly. But I guess I always have just a store or 2 in mind and head straight there.
  8. Great, what color gingham did you get?