BIG Chanel bags

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  1. Hi, I know I posted separately about my massive cabas asking if it was too big for me... I'm definitely keeping it, but before I got it, while I was debating it, my SA at Chanel in Soho said not to get it. She said there were "better" bags coming out (of course, I know she would've preferred I buy from her than on eBay), but from what I've seen, there aren't many big chanel bags around where what you could fit rivals that of the big cabas. what do you all think? are there any current big chanel bags you love?
  2. I saw your BIG Cabas, and thought it was spectacular! I think it's better than the LA bag.
  3. Thanks queenmab..I wish they did a big version of the new modern chain (i know there have been quality issues with that though).
  4. I saw a couple in the lookbook that were on the large size and looked rather cute. The biggest bag I have is the sharpei and that's enough for me.

    Big bag or not, it's the style that matters. Therefore, you may not like the look of the S/S bags.
  5. my biggest chanel bags are my original coco cabas caviar and biarritz large hobo that is soooo huge LOL