Big Butt

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  1. uhmm okay, I know before having big breasts is really big thing, but now having big butts is more important. a lot of girls rather have bigger butts than breasts, and a lot of guys prefer the girls having bigger butts and breasts. so a lot of girls i know are very conscious when they're wearing jeans because they'll afraid ppl will judge at their butts. some r lucky to born with big butts, but some aren't with flat butts. what would you do? or how would you feel if ur butt isn't big or doesn't look great in jeans? ANY TRICKS? or any ways to improve ur self esteem?
  2. Windsor pilates has leg/butt exercises that help to build muscle. More muscle=better looking butt!
  3. I have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge butt...and big boobs...

    Not a fan of my butt though ;(
  4. I think it's pretty sad that your self-esteem seems to be dependant on the size of your breasts and/or butt, and what the guys find attractive.
  5. there are lots of guys with diff tastes out there don't worry!
  6. Were are all these guys who like big butts? LOL Just kidding. If you got the junk in your trunk...shake it! LOL
  7. ^^ hahhahah

    i would like to offer to donate some fat from my butt if anyone would like it.. i think i could supply about 2 flat butted girls with more roundy ones.. ( i have alot of meat in that area) teehee
  8. Lots of junk here!!! I am very curvy, but I exercise constantly. I like to be firm. Pilates is excellent. It tones up those glutes. It's a killer though. You will be sore the next day.


  9. i agree.
  10. ^^Not so! But sometimes you wish that clothes would fit better. I have a flat, wide rear and look really awful in some skirts. If it was the same situation with a top I would probably wear a padded bra..but..padded panties, anyone??
  11. might be shallow but i don't like it when guys have flat butts. if they're going to be judgemental of my bootay, it's fair game for me to be too.
  12. I think you should try to accept your "ass"ets. Look what it did for J-Lo and Beyonce. Women are supposed to have curves, not look like little boys.