Big bunnies

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  1. I thought these pics were just so adorable and I had to show you guys!


  2. OMG!!! That last bunny is H U G E!!!

    They're oddly adorable that big!
  3. awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

    I LOVE bunny-rabbits, they are the best pets. My pet bunny passed away a few months ago :' ( , and he was 12 years old. We kept him indoors, he was house-trained, and loved to run around and hide under the furniture. :smile:

    SUCH cute pictures!

    I want a BIG bunny to hug. lol
  4. Now that's a BIG bunny ... lol .... When he hops around the earth probably shakes ...
  5. dang, he's cute!

    off topic - I heard a kid in line behind me at school raving about jackalopes. he honestly believed in them, and I witnessed his enlightenment (which was probably embarassing). hahaha.
  6. He looks so huggable! Almost like a cat or dog to hug!!! So furry!
  7. Wow!! I am amazed! lol its like a big teddy bear.
  8. I loooove flemish giants ! They had a few at work, and it always used to look like they were hugging themselves with a 5th arm.. it was actually their triple chin (rolls of fat !).
  9. Is that what breed/specis they are? I've never seen anything like it. Where are they from?
  10. I've never heard of the German Giant, which is what breed Herman is. From the article, it states that it was a breed that developed just for its size, and doesn't occur naturally in nature.

    The Flemish Giant I believe is a tad more popular, and they are probably hybrids of giant rabbits from Argentina.
  11. Oh and here's a picture of Robert, who's even larger than Herman at 9.2 kg !! (and oh so cute !)

  12. I want a whole field of flemish giants and miniature ponies! weee*
  13. LOL!

    Big Bunnies and Small horses!!!
  14. I think I actually might be speechless (and a little frightened!). Does anyone sense a B horror movie theme here?!?!?!
  15. Ok, the second bunny is scary.:amazed: :blink: Its too big to be cute. If I saw it person I would run.
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