Big Buddha / Dior?

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  1. oh wow! It really does!
  2. I believe BB is similar to Steve Madden in that sooner or later, an inspired bag will be added to their collection. I've seen it time and time again, most recent being the SM Cambridge Satchel-inspired bag.
  3. ^I agree. BB/SM used to take popular elements like ruching or locks and make a bag with those elements but I've been noticing their inspired bags are getting closer and closer to existing designs.
  4. All of Big Buddha bags seem to be knock offs of high end bags, IMO I don't think I've seen one that wasn't.
  5. I love Big Buddha, but I tend to avoid buying non-leather, so the only one I currently have is a canvas one, but I love that one and I get strangers stopping me to ask me where I got it.

    BB does have plenty of original designs, at least as far as I can tell they're original, but more and more they're doing the inspired by thing.

    Doesn't really bother me, though, since I see lots of designers doing it. It's pretty much the way the fashion industry works, I think.
  6. whoa what a rip off!
  7. What a copy of Dior's New Lock pouchette!