Big Buddah - comments please?!

  1. I've been checking out the bags by Big Buddah lately and some of them are rather cute. I especially like the Eva quilted clutch and some of the bigger slouchy bags. However, I have no experience with this brand and hope others here can give me their opinions about these bags from their own knowledge. How well are they made? Are they cheap-looking or nice? What styles would you recommend? Please share your input, I'd love to know what I'm getting into before I go shopping!:tup::tdown:????
  2. never heard about the bags
    can u post pics or links so we can comment?
  3. Yea...sorry I have no idea...any more info you can provide on them?
  4. The quilted look the nicest to me. E bags has a good selection.
  5. Eeeehhh...I thought some of them were cute at first, but then saw quite a few obvious "inspired by" bags:

  6. I saw some in one of the recent magazine (Lucky or Allure maybe) and they looked cute, dont know about quality etc
  7. I'm not a fan. Sorry!
  8. Thanks for the comments so far, please keep 'em coming. :yes: In the meantime, to familiarize yourself with their line, here is the link to their site:

    Yes, true, some of the designs look kind of "inspired by" but that doesn't necessarily make them bad. I'm not opposed to a bag that looks like one of my favorite higher end designs, but that I can use on a rainy day without freaking out if the bag gets wet.
  9. this look okay to me
  10. I got one for my teenage daughter! It is really cute, and light, and well-made for the price. Her's is a metallic one, but hard to describe. I got it at Von Maur, which is a higher-end store in the midwest. It doesn't look cheap to me at all.
  11. I saw them, and they are cute enough, but they are not leather. I just never could get into plastic bags.
  12. I have that one Seahorse posted but in red...I can't remember the name....anyway, they are not leather but IMO well made. Some of the styles leave much to be desired but many others are very cute. I like mine!!
  13. I actually like those.
  14. Here's the purse I'm thinking of buying:

  15. those aren't bad if you are trying to stay away from leather. i would recommend matt and nat bags if you are looking for sturdier and more original shapes. lunaboston carries a bunch:smile: